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Want to know how to get all the cool game avatars Neopets provides? Check them out here! (The special ones are separate from the normal ones.) Assume that every one appears with a random event unless specified there isn't one. Please note that the latest NeoPet avatars are added to the bottom of each category.

If you want to correct an error here please email us at admin[at] (replace the [at] with @) and include something like "NeoPet error" in the subject. Please understand that it is impossible to list your NeoPet username as credit if you submit info regarding a NeoPet avatar because we receive too many submissions at the same time. However we do appreciate all your help.

Also you should keep in mind if you have fought or particpated in something that no longer exists you may be eligble for the avatar. Click "Retired Avatars".

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Maths Babaa NeoPets Game Avatar
Get in the Top 50 listing for Maths Nightmare.
Wheel of Excitement NeoPets Game Avatar
Spin the Wheel of Excitement and get 10,000 NP as a prize!
Illusen's Glade NeoPets Game Avatar
Complete level #20 and higher in Illusen's Glade.
Jhudora's Cloud NeoPets Game Avatar
Complete level #20 and higher in Jhudora's Cloud.
Grundo - Snowthrow NeoPet Avatar
Get in the Top 50 listing for Grundo Snowthrow.
Capara NeoPet Avatar
Play the first round of Cheat and beat Capara! If you're already mid-way through the game, You have to beat it and then start on the first level again.

Better Than You NeoPet Avatar
Beat a contestant at Better Than You!.
Escape from Meridell NeoPet Avatar
Get in the Top 17 (need to win a trophy) Listing for the game Escape from Meridell.
Freaked Korbat NeoPet Avatar
Get in the Top 50 listing for Korbat's Lab.
Edna Cackle NeoPet Avatar
Keep doing quests for Edna in her Witch's Tower until you get the avatar. When you will get the avatar is totally random, just keep doing the quests until you eventually nab the avatar.
Avatar Collector NeoPet Avatar
To claim this NeoPet avatar, you must get on the Avatar Hi Score List.
Extreme Potato Counter NeoPet Avatar
Get more than 200 points for Extreme Potato Counter.
Deadly Dice NeoPet Avatar
Gain this avatar through a random event while playing the Deadly Dice game, however, "you need to get a draw first and then win two levels on the second throw." Yet another person contacted me to clarify: "In order to get the avatar for Deadly Dice, you need to tie with Count Von Roo at least one time and then win." Also note that "you can lose the ability to gain the avatar if you draw on the first roll and lose the second roll." You can even LOSE the avatar again if you tie with Von Roo and lose, so be careful.
Plushie Tycoon NeoPet Avatar
Simply be one of the people who have at least 50,000 neopoints in their till at the end of the tycoon game Plushie Tycoon.
Sutek's Tomb NeoPet Avatar
Score more than 2000 points for Sutek's Tomb. However we have reports that you may need more than that, or it could be a random event.
Bilge Dice NeoPet Avatar
You must score a 24, beating everyone, and a one and four to pass the level in Bilge Dice. Sometimes you may get it, sometimes you may not, you have to just keep trying.
Lucky Streak NeoPet Avatar
You must win 10 times in a row and get a winning streak in Bilge Dice.
MAGAX: Destroyer NeoPet Avatar
Get 3000 points or more for MAGAX: Destroyer.
Chia Bomber NeoPet Avatar
Earn a score of 1300 or more in Chia Bomber to get this avatar.
Turtum NeoPet Avatar
Get 230 points or more in Ultimate Bullseye.
Jester NeoPet Avatar
Form a joke that makes the Grumpy Old King laugh. It is rumoured that you need to use the joke that is found on the back of the Corut Jester NeoPet Trading Card, Which is what do you do if fierce peophins has eaten too much tin of olives? and also use the answer of You offering them a tin of what what what.

Eliv Thade NeoPet Avatar
Get 1200 points or more in Eliv Thade (anagram game).
Gadgadsgame NeoPet Avatar
Get 1000 points or more in Gadsgadsgame.
Weakling NQII NeoPet Avatar
Have Rohane, your main character, lose to a Plains Lupe in Neoquest II to get this avatar. During the entire fight do nothing for any amount of time (5 seconds suggested) and once you land up at your last rest spot you will get this avatar.
Lil Devil NQII NeoPet Avatar
You must beat the DevilPuss in Neoquest II, Cumulonimbus, located in Chapter 5.
Dr. Grumps NeoPet Avatar
Score 900 or more in Gourmet Club Bowls to get this avatar. Note that by typing in "shepherd" once the game loads (it will automatically take you to the first round), this will double your score.
Vexed NeoPet Avatar
Play the game cellblock - The level of tournament you need to be on is COMPLETELY RANDOM. It has been confirmed the lowest tourney level was #7.
Pick Your Own Dung NeoPet Avatar
Play the Pick Your Own game, you must acquire 6 (non-dung) items from the farm (If you do pick up dung, discard it from your basket and continue picking).
Lenny Plushie NeoPet Avatar
You need to be one of the first 250 people to turn in a correct answer for the Lenny Conunndrum.
Caption Contest Funny NeoPet Avatar
Have your witty caption picked and win for the caption contest. However, take note you can only get the avatar every 100 caption contests.
Raiders of Maraqua NeoPet Avatar
Score 800 or more points in the game Raiders Of Maraqua.
Bunninator NQII NeoPet Avatar
Defeat a Bionic Bunny (an ordinary monster) in Chapter 5 of NeoQuest II to get this avatar.
Wheel of Monotony NeoPet Avatar
To get this avatar, you must spin the Wheel of Monotony and land on the ? mark.
Tyranu Evavu NeoPet Avatar
To get this avatar, you need to play the game Tyranu Evavu and win at least 15 times in a row. I got this avatar on the 17th win, so I believe it is completely random when you get the av, as long as it is at least 15 wins in a row.
IOM Avatar: To get this avatar, you need to play the game Invasion Of Meridell , Some people got this avatar simply by clicking on the game link, others have got the avatar on Mission 3 Battle 1 and above.

Whack-A-Kass Avatar: Score 850+ points in the game.

*note* When you send your score, you will see the following message, it is not true and just a joke, the avatar is definetly in your list now

ERROR : You do not have this NeoPet avatar or it does not exist, so we cannot display it. Nice try though. ;)

Sinsi Shapeshifter NeoPet Avatar :Play the game Shapeshifter and get to round 6, you only need to fully COMPLETE level 5, once your on round 6 go back to the main page for Shapshifter located here and you will get the avatar.
Cliffhanger - Game Over Avatar: Play the game Cliffhanger and simply type in any wrong answer, I put "Hi there" and this spiffy NeoPet avatar can be yours!
Snowmuncher Avatar: Play the game Snowmuncher and achieve a score of 5000+ points.
Dice-A- Roo Avatar: Win the jackpot on the Dice-A-Roo game.Confirmed, you can check here for a screenshot. (Thanks to Velexere for informing us).
Mediocre Flotsam Avatar Confirmed in the editorial of the Neopian Times this week.You need to win the grand prize of 1,000 NP on the Wheel of Mediocrity in order to get the avatar. Thanks to the 200+ people who emailed us, there are too many to list!
King Skarl Moody Avatar: Tell the King a bad joke and be thrown out of the castle.
Deckswabber Avatar: You must score 825+ on the game deckswabber.
Brightvale Avatar: Spin the Wheel of Knowledge and land on the 8 pointed star spot.
Meerca Chase Avatar : Lowest confirmed score is 1250pts+ in the game Meerca Chase. (Works with Meerca Chase II)
Freaky Factory Yoinked Avatar: Score a minimum of 1250 in Freaky Factory.
Kadoatie Mew Avatar: Be one of the kind people who feed one of the Kadoaties one of their requested items at the Kadoatery , you must feed at least 75 of them.
Techo "Buzz" Avatar: Play The Buzzer Game and score 300+ points.
Smugglers Dubloon Avatar: Play Dubloon Disaster game, lowest confirmed score now is 800.
Poogle Race Winner Avatar:
Place a bet on one of the poogles at the Poogle Racing Game, and have your Poogle win that race!
Library Faerie (Brainy) Avatar: Complete the Faerie Crossword (the answers are posted everyday on NNN) This is said to be a random happening though, so if you don't get it the first time keep trying!
Gormball Avatar: Win one round of the game gormball. *tip*
You pick Thyassa as your player and click next until it comes to your turn. Then refresh your page, this skips your turn. When you win you should get the avie. Some people have not gotten the avie on the first try but the second or third (tip by: stephen16us)
Skeith Hungry Avatar: Play the game Jelly Processing Plant and score 1000+ points confirmed by viper2200.
PetPet Sitter Avatar: Play the game PetPet Sitter and score 2500+ points.
Grarrl Keno Avatar: Play the game Grarrl Keno and match 4 numbers *tip* select quick pick, bet one np, and hit refresh each time until you win! According to some NeoPet fans they didn't get it the first time they won 4 of their picks, this could be a random happening but I do believe you still need to get at least 4 picks correct.
Hannah Avatar: Score 150,000+ on Hannah and the Pirate Caves game, tip: play the tutorial level and then at level 10 you should have or be close to 150,000.
Beware of the Slorgs Avatar : Score 1000+ points in the game Attack of the Slorgs. Lowest confirmed so far.
Dice Escape Avatar: I scored 1576 on Dice Escape and got the avatar, however it looks to be 1000+ on the game.


Aisha Scalawag Avatar: Pick a winning treasure spot in the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet. However it appears to be random if you get the avatar or not.
Must... Keep... Smiling... Avatar: This appears to be a random event while playing Kacheek Seek.
Ace Zafara: You must score at least 550 points in the game Advert Attack.
Ice Cream Machine Avatar: You must score 14,500 or more in the Ice Cream Machine.
Mynci Spike Avatar: You have to score 850 points or more or beat all six rounds in Mynci Beach Volleyball. Rumor has it though that you beating six rounds may not get the avatar (thanks ownerofanevilgelert).
Destruct-O-Match II Avatar: Score at least 2,500 or more in Destruct-O-Match II.
Misfortune Avatar : You have to land on the Sludge on the Wheel of Misfortune.
Meep Avatar: Simply score 3500+ in Meepit Juice Break.
Meepit vs. Feepit  Avatar: Send a score of 3000+ in the game Meepit VS Feepit
'Sewage Surfer Avatar': Reach Level 50 and quit.
'Petpet Rescue Avatar': Score 250+ points on Petpet Rescue.
'Top Gamer Avatar': Play 250 games, and then visit your "My High Scores" page.

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