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Account Security - Latest Scams


There are many evil and dishonest Neopians out there that want to steal from you (get your NP, items, pets, or anything else that is expensive). I want to alert you with the latest scams out there!

Neopoints Generators
NP generators do NOT exists. Nobody can give you an infiniate amount of Neopoints. If you find one of these so called "NP Generators" immediately get away from the site (because the site could install cookie grabbers and other bad stuff on your computer)! The site most probably will have a form saying "Fill in your username, password, and amount of NP you want and we'll do it right away!" Do you notice something wrong with that statement? THEY WANT YOUR PASSWORD? It only sounds logical that they need your password to give you infiniate amount of NP, but they basically want you to fill in your password so they can HACK and STEAL from your account! Beware of those tricky schemes!

Cookie Grabbers
You may have seen the phrase "...install cookie grabbers and other bad stuff..." above. Cookie grabbers are simply programs that steal your COOKIES. Cookies are stored on your computer and contain your username and password. Cookies aren't bad, but cookie grabbers ARE bad because it can access your cookies and steal your cookies, therefore giving the hacker your username and password. Perhaps you saw a link posted on the NeoBoards (on NeoPets) linking to another site with a weird URL (or maybe it's a Neopoints or Items scam). Don't visit the weird URL because it make contain spyware, adware, or COOKIE GRABBERS. Never visit an offsite link. NeoNewsNow is safe from cookie grabbers, so you can always come here for help. :)

You may see somebody advertising "Change your email to THIS@THIS.COM and receive 10,000,000,000,000 NP!" Doesn't it sound too good to be true? Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (that's a BIG key to keeping your account safe from scams). They want you to change your email to a certain email address (that isn't yours) so they can fill out the lost password form and then the email will send them YOUR password to THEIR email account. See how tricky that is? Never change your email to anything but your own! :)

Instant Messenger Scams
You may receive an IM on AIM, MSN, ICQ, or any other instant messenger from somebody who claims to be "NeoPets Support" or "NeoPets Staff." Do not tell them anything. NeoPets states CLEARLY that NO staff member will EVER contact you on any instant messenger. :) Simple as that.

Fake Login Pages
Somehow, you may get redirected to a NeoPets log in form. Be sure to check that the URL is, and if it isn't, it's a FAKE login form to steal YOUR information. Be sure to ALWAYS check your URL before logging in!

Avatar/Flash Game Scams
Some people may claim to go get you avatars or flash game scores. Do not give them your password OR username. They just want to steal and take from your account.

There is one big key here - NEVER EVER give out your password to ANYBODY! Never give it out to ANYBODY (unless it's somebody you know face-to-face or a family member)! I have had countless "friends" over the internet that have STOLEN or HACKED my account! Never give out your password!

I hope that this guide helped educate you and keep you up to date on the latest scams!

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