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Do's & Don'ts of The Neopian Times


by Snowflake & Matterbug

Feli (Snowflake, the Editor of the Neopian Times) was also kind enough to provide us with a list of what is, and what is not acceptable in the Times. This can be very useful, because if you do one of the NT No-No's, your submission will be rejected.

The items below were written by Felicia, but Matterbug made them look good, and such.

Computers (only allowed in the Space Station)
Hybrids (pets or humans mixed with different species)
Anything specifically from Earth
Anything too bloody
Dating, kissing
Things specifically from Earth
Humans that are part Neopet
Male faeries
Referring to time periods that occurred on Earth and not Neopia
Stories that take place on Earth
Pets discovering our solar system and Earth
Pets losing vital limbs (ie: Shoyru losing its wings in the hospital)
Explaining human's origins in Neopia
Articles discussing the new NT rules
Hybrid NeoPets (two NeoPets species combined into one)
Cults (but 'leagues' and 'clans' are okay!)
Two/three headed NeoPets unless they're already on the site
Sponsor stuff
Amputations, etc.
Two story series by the same author going on at same time
NeoPets drinking from the toilet
Pets eating out of dog bowls and acting like Earth pets
Faeries of a type not mentioned on the site
Jelly World
Killing off most of the characters
A made up, non-human, non-faerie, non-neopet monster that was never mentioned on NeoPets before
Two parents in a custody battle over a child
Prisons (but dungeons are okay!)
Uniquely colored NeoPets (ie: Fire NeoPet with green flames)
No talking PetPets, but they can have thoughts
No Holograms, unless it's coming from a machine in the Space Station

Exploring a totally new made up world either in Neopia or on a different planet
Alternate realities (depends)
Character crushes and infatuations
Telegrams, newspapers, messengers
Humans, as long as they are owners or characters on the site that are human-like
Anthropomorphic animals
Anthro NeoPets
High-tech security systems (cuz it's in NeoHomes)
Technology that came specifically from the Space Station
Time travel
Security guards
Pets in the hospital
Journal style stories
Pets moving from their Neohome
The phrase "I love you" only if its a fraternal/friendly relationship
Inventing new creatures, just as long as they aren't the main characters
Owners transforming into pets
Dedicating your story to someone
Talking to ghosts
Rare diseases that don't exist anywhere else
Pets with disabilities
Mind control
Pets dying
LCD screens, ray guns, space ships, radar, and other things sold in the Space Station
Families of NeoPets
Non-helpful or parody articles
Characters being consumed by dark magic
Holographic pets
Comic series
Non comical comics
Slide projectors, as long as they're antiquated
Series of unrelated short stories featuring the same characters
Petpets can die, but only if they're eaten by Turmaculus, or a Skeith or Grarrl
Stoves (as long as it's not mentioned that they're powered by electricity or gas)
Birthmarks, scars, clothing, hair, accessories, tattoos
dyed fur
Extreme weather (ie: tornadoes, waterspouts, earthquakes)
Pets wearing glasses
Overweight pets
Insane pets
Hybrid NeoPets that The NeoPets Team has created (ie: Geirrod Sternhoof)
Permanent injuries
The phrase "Shut up"
The phrase "DIE!" or "Prepare to die!"
Writing about a NeoPet painted a color that doesn't exist yet (ie: a Mutant Gelert)
PetPets can talk to other petpets but not humans

Some content All other images, likenesses, names and/or TM Neopets, Inc. 2001-2005.