Animology Test

Here is a quiz for you to take. In Kim Possible they had this Animology Test thingy in one of their episode. Who are you? All you have to do is copy the profile given to you on this quiz and then we know who you are.


1) Would you classify yourself as someone who is involved in sports? (Ex. You take soccer)

a) Yes (Go to question 2)

b) No (Go to question 3)

2) You would classify yourself as:

a) A nerd/loser (go to question 7)

b) A bully (go to question 3)

c) An average guy/girl (go to question 5)

3) Would you accept money from a stranger?

a) Yes (Go to question 5)

b) No (Go to question 4)

4) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

a) Oak (Go to question 10)

b) Weeping Willow (Go to question 8)

c) Fir Tree (Go to question 9)

5) A movie you wanted to see closed down. What will you do?

a) Go home (go to question 7)

b) Go see a different movie (go to question 6)

c) Go do something else (go to question 4)

6) A mysterious hooded stranger arrives at your house. You are most likely to:

a) Greet him/her (go to question 8)

b) Hide and make them think you’re not home (go to question 9)

c) Call the cops (go to question 7)

d) Yell though the door “I’ve got a gun” ( go to question 7)

7) Would you call yourself strong (physically or mentally Which ever you want)?

a) Yes (go to question 8)

b) No (Go to question 10)

8) There is an earthquake. What will you do?

a) Go out and help anyone in need (go to question 10)

b) Go to a safe place with family an friends (go to question 9)

c) Panic and wait for someone to help you (Go to Profile P)

9) You buy ice cream, and a kid comes up to you and tells you he’s really hungry and hasn’t eaten in days. Your reaction will be:

a) To stick the ice cream in his face and run away (go to profile Y)

b) To ignore him and eat your ice cream (go to profile A)

c) To give him your ice cream (Go to Question 11)

d) you think he is lying ( go to profile U)

10) Your friend challenges you to a game. What will your answer be?

a) “Bring it on!”(Go to question 11)

b) “Fine.” (Go to question 15)

c) “Leave me alone!”(Go to question 14)

d) “Sorry, but I really don’t feel like it.”(Go to question 12)

11) You are going to take a quiz (like the one in school). Your score is most likely to be:

a) Perfect (go to Profile B)

b) Enough to pass (go to question 12)

c) A failing mark. I don’t actually care anyways. (Go to Profile R)

d) I don’t know ( go to question 25)

12) How many friends do you have?

a) One only (go to question 13)

b) About three to five (go to question 18)

c) A LOT!(go to question 14

13) Are you constantly?

a) Bullied? (Go to question 15)

b) Feared by others? (Go to Profile G)

c) Idolized? (Go to profile D)

14) The food you eat is usually:

a) Cheap (go to question 17)

b) Expensive (go to question 16)

c) Both! I love food! (Go to question 22)

15) Do you believe in the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

a) Yes (go to profile C)

b) No (Go to Profile F)

16) Do you believe in true love?

a) Yes (go to question 17)

b) No (Go to question 22)

17) You see your crush. You are most likely to:

a) Flirt with him/her (go to Profile E)

b) Run away (go to question 20)

c) Act mean to him/her (go to Profile L)

d) Act normal (go to question 24)

18) One of your bad traits (among these) are:

a) Being noisy/talkative (go to Profile W)

b) None at all. I’m perfect!(go to Profile I)

c) Being shy (go to question 19)

19) What do you think about nerds/geeks/smart people?

a) They’re okay (go to Profile H)

b) EWWWWW!!!!!! (Go to question 21)

c) There know-it-alls (go to question 20)

20) Someone asks you: “What do you know about the Industrial Revolution?”. Your response would be:

a) “Yawn…”(go to Profile J)

b) “Oh, I know all about it!”(go to question 23)

c) “Umm… I think I remember it from somewhere…”(Go to profile M)

d) “Why do you want to know!?” (Go to profile E)

21) Someone goes up to you and says: “Did you know that eating glue makes your brain stronger?” Your initial response would be:

a) Really?!(Go to question 23)

b) Yeah, right! (Go to Profile U)

c) That’s nice (go to profile L)

22) If you were in a human food chain, where would you put yourself?

a) At the bottom… I’m low-class…. (Go to Profile X)

b) At the very top! I’m the predator of all predators! (Go to Profile N)

c) Somewhere in the middle, I guess…(Go to question 19)

23) Would you call yourself hardworking?

a) Yes (go to profile K)

b) No (go to question 24)

c) Uhhh… Sometimes (go to profile Q)

d) no , more then yes ( go to question 24)

24) If you had a special power, which power would you want to have?

a) The power to be invisible (Go to Profile T)

b) The power to be the greatest person on Earth!(Go to Profile S)

c) The power to be the fastest thing alive! (Go to Profile V)

d) I don’t need special powers. (Go to question 25)

e) the power to teleport ( go to question 26)

25) You are known as:

a) A loner (Go to Profile Z)

b) A good friend to all (Go to Profile AB)

c) A food expert (Go to profile AC)

d) A Marjory fun person (Go to Profile AD)

e) A person with a split personality (Go to Profile AE)

f) a weird person ( go to profile Y)

26) Witch one of these is a good attribute about you?

a) You are flexible (go to question 27)

b) You are strong, mentally or physically (go to question 25)

c) You are geniused (go to profile AE)

d) You are normal (go to profile H)

27) Who do you hang out with?

a) Smart people (go to question 25)

b) Gangsters (go to profile F)

c) Weird people (go to profile AF)

d) Every one (go to profile AG)