Game Guides – Hannah and the Ice Caves

NeoPets Game Guides – Hannah and the Ice Caves

NeoPets Game Guides – Hannah and the Ice Caves



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2 NP per 100 PTS

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Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

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Hello to all Neopet game addicts. Here is a much awaited guide for Hannah and the Ice Caves. Please bare with me since this is quite a lengthy game and I have not yet completed all of the levels. As I complete more levels I will update this guide. Also, when you start this game I recommend that you turn off all options from the title page so that it can run a little faster for those people who have a slower computer like me.

In this addition of the game Hannah, during her adventures, is accompanied by her pal Armin the Bori. You will have to determine which character to use in varying places of the game. Note that Hannah can jump much higher than Armin and she is the only one that can swim. If you attempt to make Armin swim he will drown. The following is a complete guide for those people that are stuck during the game. This guide is meant to help you with your travels and is not intended to be a spoiler. If you find other tricks or hints please feel free to add to this guide.

Happy gaming.

Level 1: Hannah Have Hannah jump into the water to cllect the treasure chests to open the door

Level 2: Armin This level is specific to Armin, have him burrow his way under the glacier and run into the guard. If you just touch him you will die, therefore just bowl over any of the guards during the rest of the game

Level 3: Icy Boulders Use Hannah to push the boulders from above to the ground to eliminate most of the spikes

Level 4: Volley of Arrows First have Armin retrieve the treasures on the right side of this level then switch to Hannah and have her hit the arrow boxes then complete the level with Armin

Level 5: It’s Dynamite! Use Armin to retrieve extra life on the far right side of level, then have Hannah collect the remainder of the treasure.P.S. if you look carefully all the secret areas are all outlined with dots thus creating a ‘pathway’

Level 6: Warm Up Use Hannah to retrieve the gem at the top of the latter and be careful to keep your head down when you’re near a ghost

Level 7: Snow Beast Attack! Use Hannah for the sections where there is water and have her steal the treasure from the Snow Beast. Then switch to Armin so that he can find the gem that is located at the last staircase by the door

Level 8: Spooky Caves The only remarkable fact is that there is a secret area at the bottom left cave

Level 9: Nothing but Nothing Just use Hannah first to get to the arrow box located at the door and then watch as the Snow Beast is anihilated by the boulders. Wait for all the boulders to drop before Armin exits

Level 10: Glacier of Doom This one requires some patience and a steady hand. Have Hannah go all the way to the right of the level where you will find an extra life. After you have retrieved it go back to the left to the place where a deep crevisse is located and jump down to the bottom. Then have Armin go to the left where his path starts

Level 11: Frosty Cavern Have Armin go first to collect the treasure, start by pushing the boulder to the right which will then kill the ghost (you don’t need to kill him, although it just makes it easier for Hannah). Keep going right until you come to the second ghost, jump up the ladders but do NOT hit the arrow box and then go to the exit right below the 3rd ghost. Have Hannah get the remainder of the treasure boxes and hit the arrow box – this will release the boulders and clear your path to the door. You can get the extra life if you want

Level 12: Hannah’s Solo Climb Use Hannah solely for this level and be very careful when jumping down to where the arrow boxes are. Once you’ve claimed the treasure chests, where the ghost is, jump down into the crevisse. At the bottowm you will seen the path to the left for the gem, after which you climb up the ladders to the door. There are 14 boxes located at the last ladder before the door, DO NOT get these as you will not be able to climb back up

Level 13: Big Trouble Use Armin for this level and have him burrow his way under the glacier up to the ladder to the next platform. Kill the guard and then jump all the way to the right where you will find an extra life and another gem below it. Jump down to the level below and watch where the ghost is before you do. You need to hit the arrow box so that your path is clear to the door – you do not want to hit the ghost. Once this is achieved jump down again and retrieve the gem then climb back up the ladder and collect the remaining chests. Now, there is another arrow box beside the door, it doesn’t really matter if you hit it or not. I have not been able to find a way to hit the dynamite at the top of the ladder and using the arrow box hasn’t made a difference. If you have found a way, please let me know

Level 14: Fireworks This level just requires some precision and timing. Use Hannah foremost to hit all the dynamite then proceed to the door keeping in mind that she cannot kill the guards. Then have Armin jump the same path as Hannah, kill the guards, if you must, and exit. Hint – dynamite is very effective towards the guards

Level 15: Gunther’s Revenge Right at the beginning of this level you will notice that Armin cannot collect the gem, you’ll have to find another way. Start with Hannah and have her hug the wall to the left which will enable her to find a secret area. Follow it until you get to the end of it, hit the arrow box and move to the left out of the way. Jump down and hit the dynamite, this will clear the path for Armin. Swim to the left to the ladder hit the arrow box and climb up. At this plateau you will have to determine which box to hit as to create a chain reaction. After this move to the right and up the ladder…. remember the gem?… this is where you can access it. Then climb up and crawl under to where the door is. After all this have Armin complete the level

Level 16: Splish Splash Use Hannah for this level except where the gem is located – just remember that Armin cannot swim. There is also a secret area at the bottom right hand side of the screen, go through (approx 3/4) and come back up to hit the arrow box level with the door. After the dynamite has been blown have Armin retrieve the gem. Be very careful there is a booby trap under the gem, if you bump the spikes.

Level 17: Stairs of Death Armin will need to burrow to the right under the ‘stairs’ to the right where you will find another arrow box. The rest of this level is for Hanna. Be patient and take your time and you will succeed. Make sure that Hannah obtains the extra life and have her cllimb the stairs up again and to the right and then jump all the way down as close to the wall as possible.

Level 18: Icy Skeletal Hordes Just remeber who can swim and who can jump the furthest. You’ll have to determine which arrow boxes to hit in which sequence (just before the door). The rest is elementary.

Level 19: Zig Zag There is really no right or wrong way to play this level except just keep in mind where you’ve been and how many treasure chests you’ve already found. Both the gem and extra life are pretty easy to find since they are both visible.

Level 20: Dig It! On this level you’ll need to start with Hannh so that you can kill the Snow Beast. By hitting the arrow key at the most opportune time you’ll be able to eliminate him. Remember that Armin cannot swim so keep him for the burrowing.

Level 21: Icy Islands To start this level have Hannah hit both arrow boxes just above her head. Then have her claim the chests on the right side of this level until you almost reach the bottom (you’ll see a guard below you). Jump up to the right and collect another gem. Then have Armin collect the remainder of the chests until he gets to the bottom. You will have to determine which of the 2 arrow boxes to hit in which sequence so that the path is clear for Armin to reach the door. Hannah can now jump down from the spot where whe obtained the gem.

Level 22: Hannah on the Rocks On this level Hannah will have to find her way to the bottomw below so that she can hit the arrow box. Be careful of the ghosts. After this has been achieved she will need to jump up from rock to rock to the left until you come to a wall with a speckled path. Wait until Armin has hit the arrow boxes below, without hitting the ghost, before Hannah can jump down. After this, Hannah and Armin can exit

Level 23: Arrowned This one is a bit tricky and has caused me the most grief. Anyway, start with Hannah and jump over to the 1st ladder, make sure you get the boulder to fall first so that you can have the dynamite explode. Go up the ladder to the 3rd chest and over the wall – where you will see the arrow boxes. Wait for the ghost to pass then hit the 1st ‘down’ arrow which will cause a chain reaction to occur. Then it’s over to the 2nd ‘down’ arrow box, hit it then go down the ladder. This will lead you to a crawl space, go through it and over to the ladder on your left. Next, you’ll really be needing a steady hand, so gear up and retrieve the chests. Once you’ve completed this you’ll be at the top of the ladder (after having climbed up it), whatever you do, do NOT fall down that channel Jump over the channel and over all the small platforms and towards the door. Next have Armin crawl down and through over to the first 2 ladders. Climb up and wait for the 2nd ghost to pass. Jump to the platform and down into the crevisse. There you will see an ‘up’ arrow box, hit it but be careful not to hit the ghost. Collect any remaining treasure chests and go to the door.

Level 24: Sunken Treasures This level is a breeze compared with that from the previous level. Enjoy and locate all the chests – just keep an eye out for your oxygen level (air bubbles) and find your way to the door. If there are any secret areas on this level please let me know as I have not located them yet.

Level 25: Armin’s Task In this level you’ve got to keep an eye out for the ghost that’s on the bottom level. Have Hannah go all the way over to the right and up the ladders to the door. Armin will take care of the rest. Now if you’re anything like me you will be pleased to note that you will be rewarded with an extra life.

Level 26: Free Fall Just as the title implies ‘free fall’ your way into collecting the treasures. If you miss then just climb back up and repeat until you’ve got all of the treasure. Have fun, and until next time, cheers, Toni.


NeoPets guide written by: TONI

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