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Want to know how to get all the cool secret avatars Neopets provides? Check them out here! (The special ones are separate from the normal ones.) Assume that every one appears with a random event unless specified there isn’t one. Please note that the latest ones are added to the bottom of each category.

If you want to correct an error here please email us at admin[at] (replace the [at] with @) and include something like “NeoPet error” in the subject. Please understand that it is impossible to list your username as credit if you submit info regarding a NeoPet avatar because we receive too many submissions at the same time. However we do appreciate all your help.

Also you should keep in mind if you have fought or participated in some NeoPet event that no longer exists you may be eligble for the avatar. Click “Retired Avatars”.


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Most Recently Added Avatars


user posted image  ‘Scarabug Avatar’:Simply lookup a NeoPet that has a Scarabug as a petpet.

user posted image  ‘Tuskaninny-Spotted Avatar’:Have any item with the word spotted in it and visit your Tuskaninny’s lookup page.

user posted image‘NQ I Cybunny Avatar’:”Beat the Archmagus of Rooand and hand over the gem he drops to Erick.”

image‘ Flotsam- Rainbow Avatar’:Simply look up a Rainbow Flotsam,”Orrin_kun”

user posted image‘Quadrapus Avatar’:Equip a Quadrapus to one of your NeoPets.

image‘Angry Prince Avatar’:Simply look up a Royal Boy Acara, “Charim”.

image‘Underwater Fishing Avatar’😕

image‘Kau Starry Avatar’:Simply look up a Starry Kau.

image‘Top Gamer Avatar’: Play 250 games, and then visit your “My High Scores” page.

image‘Baby Nimmo Avatar’:Simply visit a Baby Nimmo’s lookup.

image‘Quiggle – Bandit Avatar’: Simply visit a shop using the Quiggle Bandit shopkeeper.