NeoPets Game Guide – Dice A Roo Avatar

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By kevin63138

One of the avatars to come out in Neopia is the lucky Dice-A- Roo avatar. To get it you need to win the Dice-A-Roo jackpot. If you don’t know what Dice-A-Roo is, (or the Dice-A-Roo avatar), maybe I should explain.

According to the Neopedia Dice-A-Roo originated on Roo Island (well duh), and it is the official game of the Island. It started when a mysterious green Blumaroo in a brown cloak came up to King Roo and showed him 5 colored dice. The green Blumaroo told him that when the dice were rolled they would give him a gift, and that no two games would be alike! King Roo dubbed this game “Dice-A-Roo.” The actual AVATAR was appropriately released on one of NeoPets’ randomly themed days. You may have guessed that on this particular day (July twenty-first) the random theme was Roo Island. In case you haven’t seen this cool avatar yet, it looks like this:


So, as you can see using this avatar shows that you’re one of the “luckiest” people on the neoboards.

The actual game is composed of 5 different dice of varying colors, (although I’ve heard from a certain Blumaroo that there is a “secret sixth die”, but I wouldn’t take its advice). The first die is red, and you should get used to seeing a lot of red, then comes the blue die, then the green, yellow, and finally the silver. On each turn you roll the die, and can either lose neopoints from your pot, add neopoints to your pot, have nothing happen, or procede to the next die. In addition each die also has a question mark…which is really a mystery in its self. Also on each die there lies a skull and crossbones, which when rolled may or may not end the game for you. If you get the arrow, it isn’t guaranteed you will proceed to the next die, but there is a chance.

In addition there is a gift box on the green, yellow, and silver dice. (There is also one on the blue die, but I’ve never gotten anything from that.) These gift boxes usually contain food, but may even hold faeries or map pieces!

Here is an example of a game. (One I’ve just played):

I begin by clicking the 2 buttons which allow me to play the game. On my first roll I receive this message:

Lose Neopoints
Oops! This wasn’t such a good throw! You lose 1 Neopoints from your pot (Don’t worry, your pot can’t go below zero!)

Of course I decide to roll again:
Phew! Nearly
You nearly had Game Over, but you managed to survive! Well done, and carry on!
That was close, and I roll again:

Medium Win
Congratulations, you just won 2 Neopoints!

Its not proceeding to the next die, but it’s better than losing. Once I get a message like this I have the option to “Stop playing and collect 2 NP” I don’t stop, and of course roll again. After 4 more rolls I receive the message:

Oh dear, that means Game Over You lose all the Neopoints in your pot
Expect on getting that message A LOT, and especially
on that first Dice-A-Roo.
Winning the Dice-A-Roo jackpot isn’t as hard as other jackpots because you have a better chance to win. There really is no “strategy” to playing Dice-A- Roo, as it is all just a game of luck. Though the jackpot and avatar may seem far out of reach at times, there are a few rules to remember when playing:

1. Never, ever, ever, EVER give up!- Play Dice-A-Roo every day until your pet gets bored. As well as the chance to win that jackpot, there are other prizes you can win such as faeries, food, and even map pieces, (as I said earlier) so even if you don’t get the avatar, you’ll probably get something.

2. Don’t stop playing and collect the neopoints in your pot.-Ninety-nine percent of the time your pot won’t amount to anything more than sixty or seventy NP, so it’s really not worth it to stop and collect when you have the chance to get the jackpot, (no matter how convincing that passing Blumaroo sounds.)

3.Even if you’ve gone thirty times without passing the second dice don’t give up!-This rule goes back to rule one, but it IS the basic thing to remember when playing Dice-A-Roo. I know first hand it can be VERY frustrating and discouraging to keep losing on the first die, but perseverance pays off. The time I got the avatar I didn’t pass the second die once, until I got that avatar. The time I got the avatar was the ONLY time that day I passed the blue die, so don’t get discouraged.

4. Have fun!- This is a very important thing to remember. Don’t think of playing as a job, but think of it as a game. This goes for any game. Don’t just play to make neopoints…play to have fun! If you do that games will much more enjoyable.

Even once you have the avatar it’s still a good idea to keep playing Dice-A- Roo. Someone I know has won the jackpot three times, and has won multiple map pieces and faeries.

Of course, everyone is a winner when playing Dice-A-Roo, because you always receive great advice from passing Blumaroos. Things like ”Boing!”, ”Blumaroos love Nachos, I bet you didn’t know that!”, ”4365 is such a lot of Neopoints!”, and ”Tra la la” really make my day. What I really think though is that Dice-A-Roo is an advertisement for the AoAB (Association of Adoptable Blumaroos), because most passing Blumaroos ask me things like, “Have YOU adopted a Blumaroo today?”, but that conspiracy is really a whole…

So there you have it. My advice on getting the Dice-A-Roo avatar. Take it to heart, guard it with your life, for all I care put it in your safety deposit box! Just do me one favor, and don’t go and spend your jackpot all at Usuki Land. Gross!

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