NeoPets Game Guide – Total Defence in Action

NeoPets Game Guides – Total Defence in Action

NeoPets Game Guides – Total Defence in Action



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Total Defence in Action Answers

Question 1: The red Yurble, Rorie, who works in grocery store, helps Enxor prepare for Civil Defense by doing what?

Rorie bags purchased torchlight item for Enxor

What does Enxor recommend everyone does to help prepare for Civil Defense?

Take first aid and CPR classes

Question 2

How is Horag preparing for Economic Defense?

By learning new skill

What courses should Horag take to help with Economic Defense?

Any class that interests Horag and improves his skills

Question 3

Which is NOT way Kacheek Day promotes Social Defense?

NeoPets learn how to make signs

What is Kelin doing to help with Social Defense?

Preparing to celebrate Kacheek Day

Question 4

What does Berryl think is the only option to ensure Military Defense?

National Service

Military Defense does NOT include preparing to deal with which of the following?

Natural disasters

How do Horag, Rorie and Berryl contribute to Social Defense?

They volunteer at the community centre

Question 5

How does Horag regularly help with Civil Defense?

He volunteers with neighborhood patrol group

When they found package next to the bench, what should the friends do to help with Civil Defense?

Alert the authorities

Question 6

How does Enxor help with Social Defense?

She gives water to someone who is thirsty

What is the best way for Enxor to find out how to help with Civil Defence?

Listen to emergency announcements

Question 7

How did Kelin and Rorie contribute to Psychological and Social Defenses?

They continued helping other NeoPets despite their small injuries

How do friends help with Psychological Defense?

They help clear up the damage

Question 8

How did Kelin and his friends contribute to Psychological and Social Defense after the earthquake?

By staying united and overcoming the crisis together

How did the museum help Rorie with Psychological Defense?

By giving him pride in his country’s achievements

Question 9

During the earthquake, how did Kelin and his friends assist others with Psychological Defense?

By remaining calm and uniting to help those in need

Second Round (Hard Questions)

The first batch of citizens which were called up for National Service, was born between ___ and ___ in 1949

January and June

The Singapore Civil Defense Force’s Motto is ___

Protect and Save

More Singaporeans are born in this particular month of the year. Which month is this?


What is the name of the centre that conducts research and experimentation in technology and robotics?

SAF’s Centre for Military Experimentation

In which year was the lion head symbol first introduced, as an alternative national symbol?


In 2005, Singapore and Brunei would be celebrating __ years of joint exercise


The first public shelter exercise inMRT station was conducted at ___ Station?

Tiong Bahru

Singapore’s first battalion of regular soldiers was formed in ___


The Singapore Civil Defense Force tests its pubic warning system sirens every __ of the month


SAF Day is celebrated on __ each year

1 July

If someone is exposed to chemical, you should ___

Not apply any medication but seek medical attention immediately

As of 31 December 2004, there were ____ constituencies in Singapore


When was the national anthem written?


The black pottu that is found on the foreheads of many Hindu babies are believed to be able to ward off ___

Evil Spirits

The three basic components in Singapore’s FTAs are trade in goods, trade in services and ___ chapters


The surrender of the Japanese to British in 1945 ended ___ years of the Japanese Occupation

Three and half

When did Singapore become member of the United Nations?

21 Sep 1965

What is the term used to describe the sharing of manpower and resources between public and private sectors?

Civil Resource Requisition

How many public warning sirens are there in Singapore?

Over 200

Which community centre in Singapore has Malay Museum in it?

Kampong Ubi Community Centre

Red eggs are traditionally eaten during Chinese newborn’s one-month celebrations because they symbolise ___ process

Life renewal

What is the objective of the Singapore Learning Promotion (SLP)?

Promote lifelong learning for employability

The steps of which building witnessed the surrender of the Japanese to the British in 1945, ending the three and half years of Japanese Occupation

City Hall

In the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2004, Singapore ranked ___


In our bid to develop world-class chemical industry cluster, Singapore has reclaimed group of ___ islands off our southwest coast to form Jurong Island?

When did the first shelter exercise take place?

NOT 1978 1968

Senior Minister Goh mooted concept for constituencies to deeper inter-racil understanding What was the concept called?

On the current Portrait Series of currency notes, different theme can be found on the reverse side of each note the theme found on the reverse side of $50 note of this series is ___

Arts theme

When visiting friends and/or relatives during Chinese New Year, what is the common fruit that people bring Mandarin oranges symbolizing ___?

All of the Above

Which training programme was launched as part of October 2001 off-budget measures to encourage employers to make available job opportunities for local workers who are 40 years and above?

People for Jobs Traineeship programme

When we understand and appreciate Singapore’s heritage and history, we develop our sense our roots tot he country and feel proud calling Singapore ___

Our home

The philosophy of Singapore’s economic management is underpinned by two principles -strong adherence to free market economic system and ___

Outward-oriented economic policies

What would you use to put out an electrical fire?

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Every Singaporean male is required to enlist in the active service as full-time National Serviceman. The enlistment period lasts for at least ___ years

Who discovered the national flower of Singapore?

Agnes Joaquim

How long did the SAF take to rescue the hostages held in S117 of the hijack that took place in 1991?

30 seconds

Singapore is considered the most densely populated country in the world, with ___ people per square kilometre?

(Anything except) About 5,500

Who was the brainchild behind Singapore’s Bird Park?

Dr Goh Keng Swee

Singapore is the largest exporter of what type of fish?

(Anything except) Koi

Which Landing Ship Tank was sent to Northern Arabian Gulf to provide logistical support to coalition warships in the area?

RSS Endurance

What is the Sikhs New Year also known as?



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