NeoPets Game Guides – Chomby and the Fungus Balls


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NeoPets Game Guides – Chomby and the Fungus Balls

by Livlo

In Chomby and the Fungus Balls, you play a Chomby, of course. Dodge all the fungus balls and get to the star pad. Here is a ‘walkthrough’:

Level 1
This is a nice simple starter. Dive towards the turnstile in the middle and sit on the outside of it. The mushrooms just keep going round and round so don’t worry about them. Now…wait until the fungus ball gets on the opposite side of the turnstile from you, and quickly push so that you are now inside with the star and the ball is running around outside. It’s now just a case of quickly getting out and to the starpad.

Level 2
From the middle where you start go left, dodge the mushrooms going round at the bottom and sit in the bottom of the turnstile there. When the top fungus ball is on the other side of the board nip over, grab the star and get back thru the turnstile. If you arent too happy about doing that wait until the ball comes down and then shove it thru the turnstile so you swap places again. This can be a better way if you are willing to wait because then you can just run around the other side and get to the pad. Otherwise follow the mushrooms round the middle and then go thru the right turnstile and down to the pad.

Level 3
This one is a huge annoyance! Make sure that the fungus ball rolling around the outside doesnt go inside the maze. If this happens just die and restart the level. Now once you get in the maze follow the mushrooms not the fungus ball…and be careful that they aren’t going to bounce back and hit you. Then just make your way back out. This level can need several restarts and there’s always a few odd things, like once a mushroom got stuck right infront of the star.

Level 4
Practice this one. I’m currently stuck on it again. Timing is of the essence. Don’t worry about the ball round the edge, just duck into the troughs at the top and bottom, then hang in the entrance to the first square. You need to follow the mushrooms around the squares and then duck through to the next corridor. These make good resting spots for a while. When going round the squares don’t hold down the arrow keys, tap them or else you’ll probably miss the next corridor. Then go down to the middle and go through to the pad. If you get scared of the ball then sit in the middle for a bit.

Level 5
Did you ever step out the front door and the world seemed to just hit you from every side? Well thats what this level is like. As soon as the level starts get a move on! Take an immediate left and then dodge. You really need to be moving moving moving.

Level 6
This one can be quite quick. Be careful of the brown fungus ball, it’s aggressive. Hide in the little gap if you need to in the outside frame, then jump in and grab the star and get out of there again, then quickly make your way to the pad.

Level 7
There’s a lot of sitting around with this one but the good thing is that you get a bit of breathing space at the start. Basically get to that star any way you possibly can! I try to go down the bottom way but just go the way the baddies aren’t gathering down basically. This level can take a lot of time.

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