NeoPets Game Guides – Dice-A-Roo

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NeoPets Game Guides – Dice A Roo

NeoPets Game Guides – Dice A Roo



Game Avatar:
You must win the Jackpot.

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:

Helpful Skills:

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


Dice A Roo is a pretty simple game. It’s cheap to play at a mere 5 NP’s per game, and you can win lots of food, and maybe a faerie or two! There are 5 different colours of dice. Those will be explained below. In each colour round of dice, there are dice faces that allow you to proceed to the next colour of dice. There is a skull and crossbones dice face that makes you loose all the neopoints you have accumulated into your pot. However any items you win such as food, are safe.

You can also get

imageRed Dice – Low amount of Neopoints (if any) no items given
image Blue Dice – Slightly more Neopoints given, no items
imageGreen Dice – Neopoints and food items are given
imageYellow Dice – You can win neggs and neopoints
image Silver Dice – Win faeries and possibly the JACKPOT! Sometimes the jackpot is multiplied by 10x.

There are different symbols on the various dice colours throughout the game.

image This symbol means two things: You loose a bit of Neopoints from the pot or it’s Game Over and you loose all your accumulated winnings. (your food and items are safe though)
image This usually means you have added some Neopoints into the pot

image This symbol means you LEVELED UP to the next colour of dice. (although sometimes it shows up and says “You were so close… but you didn’t manage to proceed to the next die. Keep trying!”

image This symbol means nothing happens at all. Zip Ziltch Nadda!
image This symbol means you get an item such as food, neggs, or faeries!
image This symbol which you will only see on the silver coloured dice means you have won the Dice A Roo Jackpot!

Some last few tips…

  • I usually never take the neopoints I’ve earned when playing (this usually is a really small amount anyways) I always contiue to play the game until I loose or win the jackpot. The items you win usually exceed the Neopoints you can win.
  • Keep checking your inventory, you do win food and other items such as faeries in Dice A Roo, so by checking your inventory every so often and putting your winnings into your safety deposit box or shop keeps them safe from the nasty random events such as the Pant Devil, or Dr Sloth zapping them into a icky pile of sludge!
  • I’ve noticed that when the jackpot is really small, you tend to loose much easier.

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