Neopets Guide – Evil of Neopia

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Evil of Neopia

by Mr. Muffinman

Neopia isn’t the greatest place when it comes to getting your items stolen. But, it balances out the game and hey, Adam gets bored and needs something to do, why not cause more chaos? Now, I only mentioned the Pant Devil. There is MUCH more than just him. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the NeoPets Team of Horror. Yes, that is the lame name I have dubbed them, but shh! (Man I feel like Doug right now, very, very stupid. :P!)


Not all the inhabitants of Neopia are friendly,
in fact there are a certain few that possess
no greater desire than to kill and eat your NeoPet.

The Gallery of Evil is dedicated to these creatures,
or at least what we know about them.
All the encounters with these strange,
savage, wandering beasts have been recorded.

Remember their names, although there is only
a small chance that you will come across these monsters.
If you do, you would be well advised to run as fast as you can.

The Gallery of Evil, the best place to learn your evil monsters. They go in order from when they were “discovered”, not by how evil they are. Most of these evil creatues have been involves with the “NeoPets Plots” ( has an excellent source for the old plots) and therefore most of the villians are in hiding. Some have done terrible things, while others just have grudges against nicer faeries, right, Jhudora? Most of these guys you won’t have to worry about, but most of them you will, sadly.

In the following chart when we rate how “harmful” they can be, or the damage they can cause, is just what affects YOU, not what they can do overall.

Creature Description and Abilities
Dr. Frank Sloth
Dr. Frank Sloth is a brilliant, insane evil scientist hell-bent on the total destruction of NeoPets and Neopia. Arriving at Neopia in his Space Station in year 2, he was narrowly defeated by the Space Faerie.

Damage He/She Can Cause: His time is over. At the moment, Sloth is away hiding, or so they say. The worst “harm” he can do to you right now, is give you an avatar. 😛

Ghost Lupe
A once brave Lupe knight was killed on the shores of Mystery Island in an attempt to rescue his bride from the natives. In death his spirit is restless, desperately seeking revenge. Although sometimes this wayward spirit may aid you, his anger can easily be directed at those that disturb him… As with all the entries in this book we suggest you steer very clear!

Damage He/She Can Cause: He is harmless. He just heals your NeoPets ever so often in a random event.

Pant Devil
The Pant Devil is a strange fellow, rather than kill his victims he prefers to steal all their possessions and then leave the poor souls weakened for others to finish them off. They have been spotted all over Neopia so keep alert!

Damage He/She Can Cause: He steals your valuable, he’s on random events and on wheels. He is all over causing trouble. He is one of the creatues you’ll want to look out for.

Malkus Vile
A particularly despicable character who prefers to get more gullible NeoPets to do his dirty work. He will do anything, as long as the reward is great enough. Most recently Malkus was seen organising the theft of King Coltzan’s Crown with the aid of two brown Meercas.

Damage He/She Can Cause: None… until maybe way in the future. He is a past baddy.

Shadow Usul
… creeping slowly up the wall, the shadow usul did not make a sound. The light from the moon illuminated the whole area, apart from a slow, crawling blackness, an area in which no light shone. climbing up to the unlocked window, the shadow flowed inside like a river of darkness… The Shadow Usul only appears at night, and has mainly been spotted in and around Neopia Central. What her motives are we have no idea, but we suggest you keep your wits about you.

Damage He/She Can Cause: She is like the Pant Devil and will steal a random item from you.

Spider Grundo
…Step closer my pretty, I won’t hurt you…. much… This evil creature was once a Grundo before Dr Sloth made him the subject of his experiments. Now the Spider Grundo terrorises all who venture into his web.

Damage He/She Can Cause: Harmless!

Jelly Chia
Once upon a time, a deranged confectioner by the name of Wizzle wanted to create something that would make him famous and rich. He planned to create an ‘edible friend’, a NeoPet who would be your buddy until you decided it was time to eat it. One of his first experiments was the Jelly Chia. He looked after it, read it stories, and educated it about Neopia, until one day Wizzle got peckish. As Wizzle walked up to the Chia, licking his lips, the Chia suddenly realised what was going to happen. In a fit of desperation, the Chia launched himself at Wizzle, enveloping him, and slowly dissolving him. Nobody ever saw Wizzle again after that day. If you look carefully at that old, disused chocolate factory on the hill, you may still be able to see this lonely Chia bouncing around, and you may still hear Wizzle’s screams. Don’t go inside however… whatever you do….

Damage He/She Can Cause: None.

Formed entirely from mucus, the origins of this mutated Meerca are unknown. Maybe a paintbrush gone wrong, or perhaps a freak created by one of Sloth’s hideous experiments… we will never know. Meuka can be seen slithering around the nastier regions of the Haunted Woods eating, well.. devouring everything in his path. His sharp jaws can cut through the vegetation like butter… and the same also goes for young NeoPets who wander astray. Avoid!

Damage He/She Can Cause: Make your NeoPet sick.

Commander Garoo
Nobody knows really how Garoo ascended through the ranks of Sloth’s evil army so quickly, perhaps it was his mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other NeoPets that caught his master’s eye. Within a matter of three years Garoo had been appointed chief commander of Sloth’s impending invasion, and subsequent capture of a race of small multi-coloured aliens known as Grundos…

Damage He/She Can Cause: At the moment, none.

Balthazar the Lupe was abandoned by his family on the edge of the Haunted Woods as a child. He crawled, hungry and thirsty, through the twisted forest until he came upon a clearing. He could see purple lights in the distance – darkness faeries. As he asked for help they started to giggle, and then to cackle, and all of a sudden they started picking up stones and twigs and threw them at the poor Lupe. Balthazar had no choice but to run away, yelping and crying.

Damage He/She Can Cause: None to you, but a ton to those poor faeries…

Count Von Roo
Living in the darkest reaches of the Haunted Woods, a place so dark that no sunlight at all reaches through the trees, Count von Roo is a very solitary creature… well, until he gets hungry… Von Roo has been known to glide through the night sky to nearby villages in search of a tasty snack.

Damage He/She Can Cause: Um… I don’t think any… possibly a random event?

Hubrid Nox
This evil, nefarious, scheming Chia makes his home atop a desolate mountain in the Haunted Woods. He lives alone, as he prefers his devilish plans not to be interrupted. Whether its conquering just one city, or the whole of Neopia, whether he uses ghosts, aliens, zombies or mutants – Hubrid has an evil plan for every day of the week.

Damage He/She Can Cause: Sometimes, he will appear in a random event and make your NeoPet very sick.

Vira was a pretty and vain Acara, spending her days playing in the flowers, making daisy chains to braid into her long hair. One day, she wished to be the most beautiful Acara in the whole of the world, but the wrong ears heard her wish. “You are pretty,” the shadowy voice said. “Only I can make you beautiful…”

Damage He/She Can Cause: Possibly just a random event of her…?

Lord Darigan
His land was plagued by famine and poverty after Meridell stole the magical orb. Bent on revenge Lord Darigan spent many long years tracking down the one thing that could restore peace to his people. When he finally found the orb he began a bitter war that left Meridell devastated as his minions stopped at nothing until they returned the orb to their master.

Damage He/She Can Cause: He has turned… nice now…

The Tax Beast
This evil little imp seems to think that he is owed a portion of your money. In fact, when he arrives demanding his fair share, with his teeth bared and his claws drawn, most people usually just give him what he wants! Keep all your Neopoints safely in the bank – you have been warned!

Damage He/She Can Cause: AH! He is one of the worst ones! You must stay away from him. He can steal a lot of your neopoints, 10% of whatever you have “on hand”. That means when you look under “NeoPoints” (where your username and NeoPet is) there is your amount. Keep it on the bank!

Lord Kass
Driven insane by invisible demons, this former general in Lord Darigan’s army rose to power after his master’s downfall. Through underhand means he slowly took control of the Darigan Citadel that loomed over the happy realm of Meridell, and used his influence to build an army. An army that he would use to try and conquer the lands below.

Damage He/She Can Cause: He can’t do much to you, but he has been involved in a bit of a war lately…

Many moons ago, she helped Lord Darigan rise to power. Now, with Darigan out of the way this scheming old Moehog puts her trust in a new champion – Kass. With her potions she makes his troops strong and with her magical spells she spies on the enemies to give Kass the upper hand in battle.

Damage He/She Can Cause: None.

The Court Dancer
As she spins and waltzes through the stone corridors of Meridell Castle, all who watch fall under her spell. This beautiful dancer is none other than the daughter of the evil hag, Morguss. Under the guise of a gift from Lord Kass she was sent to King Skarl, and as Kass’s troops attacked, Skarl was powerless to help, smitten with his beautiful new dancer. The plan would have worked too, if it wasn’t for a brave young girl named Lisha who saw the dancer for what she really was. Where the Court Dancer is today, we do not know.

Damage He/She Can Cause: Harmless.

Devious and cunning, Masila is also known as the “Mistress of the double-cross”. Her desire for power is insatiable, and she will do anything to reach the top of the Thieves Guild. She stays with Galem so that she may have his ear, allowing her to subtly shift his decisions towards her favour with suggestions that would otherwise seem innocent. What little softness she has left in her heart, however, belongs to Kanrik — though Masila would never let her feelings get in the way of her quest for power.

Damage He/She Can Cause: None.

Bringer of Night
Demigod of death and destruction, the Bringer of Night is known for the senseless slaughter of Bori long, long ago. Unrelenting, and impossible to be reasoned with, this giant, evil being has no compassion… his only interest is destroying everything that lies in his path — especially the Bori, who escaped him when an unknown power froze their civilization as a means of protecting them.

Damage He/She Can Cause: Little, he was involved in one of the wars.

Considered ruthless (even by thief standards), Galem has clawed his way to the top of the Thieves Guild, leaving a none-too-pretty trail behind him. Through threats and bullying, Galem insures that the thieves of the guild never forget he’s the boss. He’s fairly confident that no one would dare betray him. However, his affection for Masila (and his blindness to her threat) could prove to be his undoing…

Damage He/She Can Cause: Pfft, I think my 7 year old sister can do more harm.

Most villains earn their place in the Gallery of Evil through terrible, malicious deeds. One faerie, however, has never done anything to directly harm Neopia… and that’s what has everyone so worried.

Ranking among Neopia’s most feared residents, the dark faerie named Jhudora is often regarded with suspicion (and always approached with caution). Her terrible temper and tendency to deceive and manipulate are well known, but that is hardly enough for the other faeries to condemn her.

Still, everyone has their suspicions, and as a result she’s watched very closely by her faerie sisters. It’s rumoured that, over the years, she’s had ties to several terrible things that have occurred in Neopia. However, until there is any proof, this cunning faerie will remain free.

Damage He/She Can Cause: She can’t do any harm to you. She’s just quick tempered. Also, you can do quests for her.

Captain Scarblade
Notorious captain of the wicked ship Revenge, just the name Captain Scarblade strikes fear into the heart of every sea-faring Neopian. Self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas of Neopia, Scarblade makes good on his promise that all the riches in the sea are his for the taking. No merchant vessel is safe from his menace while he is on the water; nor port when his ship is at berth. Even other pirates rightfully fear his black sails, because this pirate captain does not share his seas.

Damage He/She Can Cause: He is harmless, as long as you live away from Maraqua.

Benny, known by various nicknames, serves under the notorious Captain Scarblade — self- proclaimed ruler of the five seas. Benny is considered dangerous and untrustworthy, even among fellow pirates, who try their best to stay on his good side. His skill with the knife is known in every port town, and it’s been years since a barkeep asked him to pay his tabs, due to rumours of what happened to the last barkeep who did so on Scurvy Island….

Damage He/She Can Cause: He is completely harmless.

There is much more evil not listed here, but they’re not been called “evil” offically by NeoPets, therefore they’re not up here.

What is the purpose to having these “evil creatues”?
Balances out the game, and hey, gotta have some evil. Creates fun, doesn’t it? And helps people learn how to keep safe. NeoPets has a moral behind everything, and I mean everything they do.

What can I do to protect myself from such harmful beings?
… did you NOT just read above? Lazy Neopians. Just put your items in a safe place like your safety deposit box. You can always put it in your shop or trades to keep them safe. Never have them out and in the “open”.

What the…? What’s a safety deposit box? And how do I put my items in there?
Newbie much there? Safety deposit box in a little place in shops (it looks like a empty and opened black box). To insert an items into your little SDB (safety deposit box), just go to your Inventory, click on the item you want in your SDB, and as the option for the drop down menu select “Put in Safety Deposit Box”.

How does the Tax Beast “tax” me?
It’s through a Random Event. Hope to god your smart enough to put your NeoPoints in the bank, or hope to god it doesn’t happen. He only taxes you 10%, for example:

10 NP > 1 NP
100 NP > 10 NP
1,000 NP > 100 NP
1,0000 NP > 1,000 NP
Get the pattern?

Some content © All other images, likenesses, names © and/or TM Neopets, Inc. 2001-2005.