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NeoPets Game Guides – Castle Battles

Game Guides – Castle Battles



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2 out of 5


NP Ratio:

100 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:

Good aim, and quick mouse skills!

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None yet.


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Castle Battles is one of NeoPets’ newest games, under ‘action’. It is in 3-D, but you need Shockwave to play. So if you don’t have Shockwave, you cannot play.

Hagan and Skarl, as little kids, had an intense rivalry playing games with their PluckoNM(like Legos) blocks. They would both try and build the biggest castle, and then take it in turns to knock them down.

You play Hagan, the green Skeith, and shoot cannonballs over Skarl’s castle and knock the gold treasure outside of the red square. For bonus points, knock over Skarl’s pesky Meridell flags and destroy his castle.

To start, first select what type of castle Hagan will be using. Then click and drag the green square with the gold treasure on it to the desired location on the overhead map. Use the arrow keys to aim your cannon, and hold the space bar down to start to build up power. Let go to release the cannonball. Whenever you defeat one of King Skarl’s castles it will be unlocked so you can select it the next time you play the game!

Your power meter is the sword to the left of the screen. When you hold down the space bar, look at it and it will be filling up with yellow. The yellow color is the amount of power that the cannon will have. Also, below the sword/power meter, you can see Hagan and Skarl doing something on their turns.

The amount of points you have will be displayed on the top right-hand corner.

You can get 100 Neopoints for every 100 points you score. So what are you waiting for? Go destroy that Skarl’s castle!


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