NeoPets Guides – Defenders of Neopia


NeoPets Guides – Defenders of Neopia


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NeoPets Game Guides – Defenders of Neopia


Mission 1: Rescue Ginny’s Bike

Enemy: Pant Devil
Mission Brief: The Evil Pant Devil has stolen Ginny’s bike. You must defeat him and rescue the bike.
Success: You have defeated the evil Pant Devil and brought Ginny her bike back, thanks a lot. As a reward you will receive a trophy!
Opponent Location: Random Event
Difficulty: 21

Mission 2: Neohome Nightmare
image Enemy: Ghost Lupe
Mission Brief: Simi the Chia has just bought a new house but somethigs wrong.. Eek! The house is hunted. Play ghostbuster and vacuum that Lup outta there.
Success: The Ghost Lupe has been defeated!!! We won’t be seeing him for a long while! Congratulations, and thank you – the Defenders of Neopia will be in touch!
Opponent Location: -blocked-Here
Difficulty: 32
Mission 3: Kidnapped
image Enemy: Cave Chia
Mission Brief: Two young NeoPets have ventured into the Caves Chia’s weekend retreat. He wasn’t very happy and kidnapped them. Are you brave enough to save them?
Success: You did it! Congratulations! This is one chia who will think twice before kidnapping helpless NeoPets in the future. Keep on alert, Defender, you never know when trouble may rear its ugly head again!
Opponent Location: Random Event here
Difficulty: 58
Mission 4: Meuka Attacks
image Enemy: Meuka
Mission Brief: Ack! Mueka’s being snotty. Grab a tissue and show ‘im who’s boss.
Success: Well done! The village is saved… but next time, please don’t bring any mucus into the HQ, it’s awfully hard to get it out of the carpet.
Opponent Location: Get Sneezles or Neoflu and take a look at your NeoPets Quick Ref.
Difficulty: 60
Mission 5: The Brain Tree’s Bad Day
image Enemy: Brain Tree
Mission Brief: When Trees go Bad.. The Brain Tree has captured two questors. Follow their screams and rescue them.
Success: Tree-mendous job, defender! That’ll keep him out of trouble for awhile!
Opponent Location: Complete the Brain Tree’s quest.
Difficulty: 91
Mission 6: Its a Trap!
image Enemy: Commander Garoo
Mission Brief: Captain K. Starlog 20-03: Investigating planetoid giving off life readings. Hmm.. this is very strange indee….. !beep! K’s been captured by Commander Garoo! Warp 10 your way to the Captain… ‘I cannot make it go faster Captain’ .. ermm.. ignore that. No go!
Success: Captain K is reunited and Garoo defeated….for now!
Opponent Location: Random Event
Difficulty: 120

Mission 7: A Tiki Curse

image Enemy: Tekkitu the Witch Doctor
Mission Brief: Mwab Elkum! Keecha Boko! Keecha Boko!!! Hmm.. you’re unaffected by this? Then I guess you’re the right person to go and defeat that mind controling witch-doctor.
Success: Captain K is reunited and Garoo defeated … for now!
Opponent Location: Go on the Tiki Tours
Difficulty: 120

Mission 8: The Return of Malkus Vile

image Enemy: Meerca Henchmen
Mission Brief: Petty theft is bad… very bad. You must find those Meercas and return the stolen property to those poor NeoPets or they’ll have to use the ole ‘malkus vile’s evil henchmen stole my homework’ excuse.
Success: “Uggh… Not again! “
Opponent Location: Visit the Desert Trapdoor. You may have to refresh many times.
Difficulty: 150

Mission 9 : Trick or Treat

image Enemy: Giant Ghostkerchief
Mission Brief: The night of Halloween. A couple of young NeoPets decided to go trick or treating in the Haunted Woods. However, it was an unwise night to venture into the woods…..
Success: “The ghost has been defeated and the kids have been freed. Thank you once again for helping keep Neopia a safe place for all. “
Opponent Location: Visit the news page.
Difficulty: 250

Mission 10 : Evil Sloth Clone Attack!

image Enemy: Giant Ghostkerchief
Mission Brief: Reports have come in from all over Neopia of Sloth Clones invading, they have to be stopped.
Success: “Thank you once again for helping keep Neopia a safe place for all. The evil Sloth clones are gone – for now!”
Opponent Location: Visit Kreludor
Difficulty: 88

Mission 11 : The Hungry Snow Beast

image Enemy: Giant Ghostkerchief
Mission Brief: Looks like that Snowbeast is up to no good. I think you better get over there and help!
Opponent Location: Visit the Advent Calendar page and keep refreshing until you get him.
Difficulty: 300

Mission 12 : The Even-Hungrier Chomby

image Enemy: Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby
Mission Brief:
Opponent Location: Visit the Giant Omelette page and keep trying to take more.
Difficulty: 350

Mission 13 : Scratch That Itch

image Enemy: Mootix Warrior
Mission Brief:
Opponent Location: Automatically in the Battledome
Difficulty: 375

Mission 14 : Kastraliss Ambush!

image Enemy: Kastraliss
Mission Brief:
Opponent Location: Search for Kastraliss and refresh until you get him.
Difficulty: 400

Mission 15 : Slug Monster!

image Enemy: Slug Monster
Mission Brief:
Opponent Location: Refresh at the Slug Monster “Go Away” in Maraqua with Slug Flakes in your inventory
Difficulty: 500

Mission 16 : The Drenched!

image Enemy: The Drenched
Mission Brief:
Opponent Location: Refresh at the Maraquan Weather Page.
Difficulty: 600

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