NeoPets Guides – Faerie Cloud Racers

NeoPets Game Guides – Faerie Cloud Racers

NeoPets Game Guides – FaerieCloud Racers



Game Avatar:

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:
200 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

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Hop into your cloud racer and play Faerie Cloud Racers!!

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your character. Many people claim that certain characters are different — THEY AREN’T! The only thing different is they have a different name and picture… Heh, well pick whichever you like best. 🙂

After picking your character, it’s off to racing! When you first start out, you’ll start out on the left side of the screen. Your cloud racer will leave behind thick smoke, if you run into your “smoke” you will die. Use the arrow keys to move your racer.

This may sound odd, but make your smoke tracks nice and neat. It will help you. Here is a demonstration.

You see how the tracks are nice and neat? Try and do that so it doesn’t cause you troubles.

Another technique you can use is blocking or in other words, clamining your territory. If you can “cut off” access to your “area” to your opponent (so he wont leave smoke tracks to mess you up) it will make things a whole lot easier! Look here:

And last, my favorite: TRAPPING! So fun… What you can do is make a “1-way smoke track” and then make it dead end so your opponent has NO WHERE ELSE to go, but into the smoke which will make you win! Here is a demonstration:


Additional stuff:
by Livlo

This game up until very recently was an easy 1000 NP, now it is an easy 500 NP. Not that 500 NP is bad. (Not at all!) But remember: You can only get NP if you play on Medium or Hard levels.

The main idea of the game is to out last your opponent by flying around in a way similar to Meerca Chase. You use the arrow keys, and guide the character of your choice around the playing screen until either you or your opponent crash by flying into a wall, your own trail, or even your enemy’s trail.

The trick to this game is not to try to outsmart your opponent by flying in circles around it and trying to make it run into your trail. Try to out fly your opponent instead. This means stick to the bottom side of the playing screen, and make straight lines with sharp turns. A ‘strategy’ is to make a fast, sharp turn at the beginning of the game, going up wards, then going back down, making half a rectangle. Then start playing as best you can, avoiding walls and trails.

Eventually your opponent will fly into its own trail, as it flies in circles. After 6 rounds you will be called the champion. Your score will usually be around 500 NP, depending on how many bonus points you were awarded.

Bonus points are awarded by the amount of time you spend trying to out fly your opponent. This factor can’t really be controlled as it is up to when your opponent crashes.

Vrooom… happy racing!

NeoPets guide written by: Ian
Additional credit goes to: Livlo

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