NeoPets Guides – Grundo Snowthrow

NeoPets Game Guides – Grundo Snowthrow

NeoPets Game Guides – Grundo Snowthrow



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You must get in top 50.


4 out of 5


NP Ratio:

300 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:

Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

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The purpose of this game is to ‘defeat’ the opposing Snowbeasts by hitting them with snowballs, playing 3 green Grundos. The Snowbeasts also throw snowballs at you. This game is rated Medium, but is pretty easy, and gives you 300 Neopoints for every 100 points you score. This game is a great Neopoint-earning game for all those Neopians trying to earn a bunch of Neopoints, and for those that can only stayed logged in for about five(5) minutes.

Try going to the left, away from the Snowbeasts and their snowballs, when you are not throwing your snowballs. When you are ready to throw snowballs, however, move in front of one and shoot. (Be sure to hold onto the mouse button for a second or more, however!) After you shoot, go back to the side. Continue doing this to avoid getting hit as much.

I find it much easier to use only one Grundo at a time, instead of trying to switch between all three of them. I do, however, at the beginning of each level, take each Grundo to the left, or possibly right, out of the Snowbeasts’ aim. I have not yet had a Snowbeast move anywhere except fall, so I highly doubt they can. I especially do this when fighting many Snowbeasts, as if you don’t the Grundos that are not being used are more likely to be hit, which means you cannot use them as backup.

In the first level try throwing many low-powered snowballs at your opponent instead of many high-powered snowballs. Why? Because if you use low-powered snowballs you can hit them more times, as it does not take as long as high-powered snowballs, and the Snowbeasts don’t have as high a chance of hitting you back. On all levels be as accurate as possible. If you didn’t know, you get a bonus if your accuracy if 90% or more.


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