NeoPets Guides – ice cream machine

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NeoPets Game Guides – Ice Cream Machine

NeoPets Game Guides – Ice Cream Machine



Game Avatar:

Score 14,500 points or more.

1 out of 5


NP Ratio:
10 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Mouse Skills, Planning Ahead

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


Adee the Chia likes ice-cream a lot, she ate a lot of ice cream.
Then the night came, Adee goes sleep and she suddenly wakes up. Not in her house, in a factory of ice cream. This factory was a little different, though. Adee didn’t eat the ice-cream; the ice-cream “eats” Adee. Basically, in this game you are playing Adee, escaping the crazy ice-cream puffs that are in Adee’s size.

How to play
You are Adee and you are escaping from the puffs of ice-cream that flying at you.
Controls: Mouse.
Game type: Action.

The levels
In this game you have couple of levels, each level has it own ice-cream flavor.

Level 1- Strawberry, 25 scoops to dodge.
Level 2- Vanilla, 50 scoops to dodge.
Level 3- Chocolate, 75 scoops to dodge.
Level 4- Mint, 100 scoops to dodge.
Level 5- Blueberry, 125 scoops to dodge.
Level 6- Vanilla Chocolate Chip, 150 scoops to dodge.
Level 7- Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate, 175 scoops to dodge.
Level 8- Peach, 200 scoops to dodge.
Level 9- Vanilla Chocolate Swirl, 225 scoops to dodge.
Level 10- Double Chocolate- 250 scoops to dodge.

There is couple of more levels for you to find out including Tigersaquash.

The good puffs
So you thought that all the ice cream puffs will “eat” Adee? You were wrong, friend. There are couple of puffs which are eatable (What means that Adee can eat/touch them). Each of this puffs has a special effect of it own.

1. Speed puffs:
The green plus puff- This puff speeding up the things, and in simple words makes the puffs move faster. You will probably use it on the easy levels to make it pass faster, but you might do it on the hard levels eve though it’s not really easy as it’s sounds.
The red minus puff- When I’ve understanded what that puff doing, I’ve said that even each minus has it own pluses. This puff will slow things down, and in simple words makes the puffs move slower. You need to be carefull with it though. On hard levels, the speed is not only higher, it’s also makes more puffs per shooting. So my recommendation for harder levels, take one minus puff, it is enough.

2. Points puffs:
Cherry Ice cream- Gives you 100 points if collect it. It’s however, stops the effects of the speed, defence and size. But it’s worthy and deliscious!
Fish Ice cream- Alright, so it’s sounds yucky and it is yucky. But hey, it gives you 250 points so this… Ehh, disgusting ice cream is kinda worth it, I guess. And same as the Cherry Ice cream, it’s stops the effect of the speed, defence and size.

3. Defence puffs:
Silver shield- This spiffy silver shield puff will protect you from any evil puff that passing through you. But… This wonderfull spiffy silver shield is for a limited time only, about a three seconds, so use carefully! This nice puff also gets rid of all the puff affects, size and speed.
Strawberry bomb- Strawberries are deliscious indeed. But what about bobmbs? Not really, ain’t they? This half yummy and half not puff will make sure that all the puffs including it self will go KABOOM! It wont blast Adee so don’t worry, she will stay fine and will wait for another puffs to come over and play with her. It’s not that usefull puff though. It is very good when you are trapped between all those dangerous ice-cream puffs that are ready to munch Adee as she did to them. You didn’t got the point, did you? If you are lucky while you are trapped and not in a really nice situation, and you see this puff nearby, risk to get it, if you wont get it and will lose a live it wont matter, you will lose a live anyway because you were trapped. As same as all the others (But the minus and plus) this blasting puff will stop the affect of the defence, size and speed.
Pink heart- This is the extra live puff. It obviously gives you. extra life, surprising, eh? When you see one try to collect it, the more you have the better chances that you will get the game over after a long time, what means you will be able to score a lot of points. This puff maybe not giving points, not protects you from puffs and not blasting all the puffs but it is probably the puff that worth the more than all the others. It IS stopping all those three effects again, but hey! It IS (Once and again) an extra live! It is not once in a live but it is pretty cool, don’t you think so?

4. Size puffs:
Light blue large Chia- Makes Adee grow up. You might think that this puff is useful and helpful too. Sorry then, because it’s not really helpful and I’ll shut up about useful. It would make Adee larger, it is bad. Why? Because it would harder to navigate Adee between the puffs and especcially in the hard levels. Watch out! On the hard levels if you’ll be larger, it would be harder for you to navigate Adee between the puffs as this is the main way to avoid them.
Purple small Chia- Makes Adee shrink a little. This is one of my favorite puffs, when Adee gets smaller it’s easier for you to navigate between the puffs, what makes the game a little easy (And in a little simple words, shrinking the hardness).

Remember: No puff will continue with Adee to the next level. If in the strawberry level Adee shrinked herself and she stays that way untill the end of the level, on the Vanilla level she will be in her normal size. Only the pink heart puff continues with Adee to the next level, unless she lost it because of a not nice puff.

Good luck!


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