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NeoPets Lists/Finders – Negg List

This Negg Guide will provide you with a list of neggs and there actions & effects it has on your NeoPets. This guide will also show you how many tokens it is at the Neopian Neggary.

Negg Name/Image Cost Effect
Basic Power Negg
39 Tokens May give you 1 defense.
Blue Furry Negg
15 Tokens Will give your NeoPet 5 HP.
Bang Bang Negg
33 Tokens Gives your a random snowball or snowball
Cackiling Negg
96 Tokens In the battledome it gives shadown health ability in the battledome regardless of your NeoPets level. (single use)
Christmas Tree Negg
27 Tokens Will give your NeoPet 20 hit points back.
Confusion Negg
64 Tokens In the battledome it gives your NeoPet Phsycic Powers or the ability to confuse in the battledome regardless of your NeoPets level. (single use)
Cool Negg
247 Tokens Gives your NeoPet 1 level and 1 strength, or movement, or hitpoints. (only gives 1 of the 3)
Cracked Negg
90 Tokens In the battledome your NeoPet gets +3 DMG or +3 HP or random full healing. (single use)
Crystal Negg
22 Tokens This negg will give your NeoPet back 8 HP.
Evil Negg
42 Tokens This is a battledome weapon that attacks 2 dark and 1 physical icon. (single use)
Faerie Queen Negg
57 Tokens Gives your NeoPet 1 HP.
Fireball Negg.
34 Tokens In the battledome it attacks 4 fire icons. (single use)
Ferocious Negg
124 Tokens It will give your NeoPet 2-4 Strength, however, will make your NeoPet sick with a random disease.
Genious Negg
24 Tokens Increases intelligence and gives you 1 out of 6 random books. (Battledome Guide, Theories of Physcics, Cooking Neggs Book, Know your neggs book, mystic negg book, where neggs grow)
Ghost Negg
22 Tokens It makes increases your NeoPets mood and may add hitpoints.
Glamour Negg
7 Tokens Decreases your NeoPets intelligence & gives you a Blue Pteri Morphing Potion or a Gold Mirror, or a Gold Hair Brush.
Happiness Negg
4 Tokens Makes your NeoPet happier.
Ice Storm Negg
34 Tokens In the battledome is inflicts 2 water and 1 physcical icon of damage. (single use)
52 Tokens This negg does some of the same effects the lab ray does — Can increase/decrease stats, can change NeoPets gender, color, or species.
Plaid Negg
108 Tokens Raises level of random ability and/or can change the NeoPets color to a BASIC COLOR. (red, blue, green, etc.)
Power Negg
79 Tokens Gives your NeoPet that you feed it to strength point.
Pumpkin Negg
12 Tokens To the NeoPet that you feed it to — that NeoPet will gain 1lb and lose 1cm.
Radioactive Negg
66 Tokens Raises 1 level of random NeoPet ability.
Rainwater Negg
61 Tokens In the battledome it gives your NeoPet Shield of Water AND Steam Shield regardless of the NeoPets level. (single use)
Silver Knight Negg
72 Tokens Gives your NeoPet 1 defense point.
Smiley Negg
9 Tokens Makes your NeoPet happier.
126 Tokens Your NeoPet will gain 1-3 HP and 1-3 movement.
Spiked Negg
195 Tokens Gain 2-3 HP.
Spinning Negg
36 Tokens In the battledome this negg will give your NeoPet a Air Shield regardless of the NeoPets level.
Staring Negg
30 Tokens Will drain your NeoPets intelligence by staring at it for hours and hours!
Super Negg
210 Tokens Gain 1-3 hitpoints and movement plus 1 level.
Sweet Heart Negg
18 Tokens Gives your NeoPet an ice cream.
Vortex Negg
24 Tokens Can change your NeoPets color to: blue, green, red, or yellow.
Witchy Negg
48 Tokens Can change your NeoPet into a Lenny, Tuskainny, or Moehog, change NeoPets gender, boost there intelligence, raise there HP or cure any diseases the NeoPet has.

Also in this guide we’ll provide how many tokens each negg is worth. (not all neggs have a token value)

Negg Name Token Value
Battleduck Negg 8 Tokens
Blue Negg 5 Tokens
Brown Negg 1 Token
Candy Cane Negg 6 Tokens
Checkered Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg 22 Tokens
Christmas Pattern Negg 8 Tokens
Chyrsaberry Surprise Negg 10 Tokens
Combomelon Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Cookie Negg 2 Tokens
Cornupeper Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Decorative Negg 6 Tokens
Fish Negg 50 Tokens
Fishy Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Frozen Negg 14 Tokens
Fruity Faerie Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Glass Negg 5 Tokens
Green Negg 3 Tokens
Ice Negg 2 Tokens
Lemon Lime Easter Negg 32 Tokens
Lemon Sherbet Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Lemon Swirly Negg 4 Tokens
Lime Swirly Negg 3 Tokens
Lovely Lime Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg 28 Tokens
Maple Syrup Negg 6 Tokens
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg 26 Tokens
Negg Cream Cookie 11 Tokens
Orange Negg 4 Tokens
Ornate Purple Negg 6 Tokens
Pastel Swirl Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Peachpa Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Phear Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Pink Negg 5 Tokens
Pink Swirly Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Pretty Pink Easter Negg 18 Tokens
PuNegg 9 Tokens
Purple Negg 2 Tokens
Rainbow Negg 6 Tokens
Rainbow Vanilla Negg 9 Tokens
RaNegg 9 Tokens
Rock Negg 7 Tokens
Sardplant Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Scented Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Scrambeled Rainbow Negg 11 Tokens
Spotted Easter Negg 24 Tokens
Spring Flowers Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Strawberry and Cream Easter Negg 16 Tokens
Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Super Ice Negg 4 Tokens
Sweet and Sour Negg 6 Tokens
Ultimate Ice Negg 8 Tokens
Ultra Ice Negg 6 Tokens
Yellow Negg 6 Tokens
YeNegg 9 Tokens

If we are missing anything, please contact us.

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