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NeoPets Guides – Battledome Guide (Newbie)

This guide is meant for someone who is brand new to the battledome, not advanced users.


What is the Battledome you ask?

Well the Battledome is a place where you can fight other NeoPets in Neopia or fight against 1 player opponents. The plan here is to provide you with the basic essential information on what you need to become successful in the dome. It may seem overwhelming right now but after reading this guide he is hoping that you will have a better understanding of it.

This is only a very basic guide to battleing, experiment with different techniques to see a combination that suits you and your NeoPet well.

There are a few Frequently asked questions that people ask, so he will try to answer them for you below. Click on the info that you want to learn more about.

  • Where do I train my pet?
  • What items should I need to use?
  • Which stat should I focus on the most when training them?
  • What are faerie abilities for?
  • Where do I find the Battledome Challengers?
Where do I train My Pet?
Getting started for the battledome is quite basic.First and foremost TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN your NeoPet. Your NeoPets stats do play a significant part on your success or loss in the dome. There are many ways you can train your NeoPet in Neopia. Here’s a quick guide on the best ways and where to go and what is needed.
Mystery Island Training School
Here you pay the Techo Master Codestones, to take various courses. There are 4 different levels of courses. Basic,Advanced,Master and Grand Master. Each level has its own criteria. The higher your NeoPets level is, the more codestones it will cost you to take the course. Now its time to decide what stat you want to train. You have the options to do,
Strength: Makes your attack stronger
Defense: Makes your defense stronger
Agility: Does nothing at all in the dome (don’t waste your time on this stat)
Endurance: Gives your NeoPet more hitpoints, the more hitpoints you have, the longer you will be able to stay in the fight for
Level: Certain levels are needed for various faerie abilities

After level 250, you can no longer train here

Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours
Secret Ninja Training School
Very little is known about this training school, but it is only for advanced Battledomers. It uses Red Codestones (Cui Codestone, Kew Codestone, Mag Codestone, Sho Codestone, Vux Codestone, Zed Codestone), which you can buy or get at the Volcano. You must be Level 250 or higher to use the Secret Ninja School though. With access to the Ninja School you also get access to the secret ninja shop. We have a few screenshots:

Volcano 1 | Volcano 2 | School 1 | School 2 | Status 1 | Shop 1 | Shop 2 | Statue 1

Thanks to lackadazed from iDB for giving us these screenshots. The Volcano ones were taken by Doug.

Krawk Island Swashbuckling Academy
Ahoy Matey! Cap’n Threelegs wants your Dubloons to train ye’ NeoPet here. However you can only use this means of training if your NeoPet is level 40 and below. Hint Hint you can win free Dubloons by playing deckswabber!
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Sea Urchin 10 and Under 1 Dubloon 4 hours
Deckhand 11-20 2 Dubloons 6 hours
Pirate 21-30 5 Dubloons 8 hours
Cap’n 31-40 5 Dubloons 10 hours

Mystery Island Kitchen Quests
Sometimes the chef gives out stat raises for her rewards after completing her quest.

Treasure Map Game
Completing the treasure maps can also increase your NeoPets level.

You can also raise your stats by using certain types of Neggs and Mushrooms. Neggs that raise your NeoPets stats are as follows:

  • Cool Negg gives 1 level 2-3 Hitpoints 2-3 Strength 2-3 Movement
  • Snegg gives 2-4 Hit Points 2-4 Movement
  • Spiked Negg gives 2-6 Hitpoints
  • Super Negg gives 1 level 2-3 Hitpoints 2-3 Movement
  • Power Negg gives 1 strength
  • Silver Knight Negg gives 1 Defense

Other Things
Few more ways to increase hitpoints are doing Kitchen Quests, completing a dark faerie’s quest.

Cool Negg
  • This isn’t a Negg but drinking a Kauvara’s Potion will increase your NeoPets stats by the following amount below, and unlike Neggs, even if your NeoPet is bloated, it will still drink the potion.

  • Kauvaras Potion:- Raises a level by 1, defense by 1, strength by 1 and HitPoint by 2

What items should I choose? Is more expensive always better?

If you are just starting out in the Battledome, the first thing you need to realize is that just because the weapon might be VERY expensive, doesn’t mean its all that great. The cheaper ones can be just as effective to a certain point. The most important aspect of the battledome are your stats, especially strength and hitpoints. Take this scenario, Two NeoPets one is equipped with a Rod Of Dark Nova and a Spec Deck with a strength of 25 and hitpoints of 15, and the other NeoPet equipped with a Improved Lightening Beam and a few snowballs with strength of 200 and hitpoints of 200…. The NeoPet with the higher stats will surely be victorious. However if you put
two NeoPets up against one another with the similar stats, and those items, the better items would definitely prevail.

So Baby N’s advice to you is before you go and purchase those expensive Battledome items,
train your NeoPet with the info above. Once that is all said and done, you can focus more on
choosing some weapons. Below is a simple guide for beginner NeoPets to more advanced pets.

There are 3 basic categories that Battledome weapons fall in place too,
Attack, Defense and Heal. So you will want to include items from each of those categories. Some of the weapons out there include both an attack and defend feature, minimizing the amount of defense items that you will need to equip your NeoPet with, this will let you have a better
advantage to equip your NeoPet with more offensive items.Once you are in the dome battling
another player or using the one player mode, there are a few things you should know.
Each round you can use 2 attack or defense items, and 1 ability.

Each weapon does a certain amount icon damage. There 7 different icons, Darkness, Earth, Physical, Water, Fire, Light and Air. Damage can be for attack and or defense

Weapon Choices on a Low – Average Budget
Item: Lightning Beams , Large Metal Shield, Dirty Snow, Fire Snow, Radioactive Snow.
Basic Lightning BeamGrand Lightning Beam

Cost: 100-50,000 NP
Reasons for use: These are great weapons, Grand lightning beam being the best. They do around 6 damage depending on the beam itself, it could be more.

Item: Snowballs/Battle Muffins
Cost: 10-800 NP
Reason for use: These are great weapons, they can pack a mean punch. The only downside is they are one time uses. Can do up to 6 hitpoint damage.

Item: Snowball Wands

Cost: 5000-9000 NP
Reason for use: Now even though these are a little more money, they create a snowball each round. There is also a slight chance that it may freeze your opponent. Downfall, it may get broken during a round making it disabled, but don’t worry it restores itself after the fight.

Healing Items are needed as well, you should include some of these in your battlepacks.

image Nova Heals 2-10 HP
image Super Nova Heals 12-24 HP
image Ultra Nova Heals 12-40 HP

image Wand Of Nova produces one nova per round

image Bronze Scorchstone Heals 15 HP
image Red Scorchstone Heals 20 HP

bluescorchstone Blue ScorchstoneHeals 30 HP
image Green Scorchstone Heals 40 HP
image Purple Scorchstone Heals 50 HP
rainbow scorchstone Rainbow Scorchstone Heals 80 HP
jade scorchstone Jade Scorchstone One full Heal (Hidden tower item)

Healing potions and Elixirs also heal your NeoPets in the dome. And they are cheap to buy as well.

Which stat should I focus on the most when training them? In our opinion concentrating mainly on Endurance (hitpoints) and strength are the most beneficial when fighting. If you are more of a defensive player, train your defense up. Level is not a major factor in how well your NeoPet will essentially do. Two NeoPets with the same stats will break almost
even with one another. Level stat’s only attribute is the ability to gain more faerie abilities and species abilities.

What are faerie abilities for?
When you release a bottled faerie, they will grant your NeoPet an ability. As your NeoPet increases in
level the more abilities it can get. Be careful though, if your NeoPet isn’t the right level for the ability, your faerie will just fly away. Each ability has a requirement level. The number beside the ability picture, is what level your NeoPet needs to have in order for you to get blessed by the faerie.

You can find bottled faeries as random events, in peoples shops currently they are ranging from 3400np – 4500np’s,
There are 6 different faeries. And they all grant you different abilities. To see what your NeoPet will
get from each faerie, click on the picture. Although, this will only show you some of the abilities, once your NeoPet gets to higher levels, you will get other ones as well.

dark faerie
Dark Faerie
light faerie
Light Faerie
air faerie
Air Faerie
fire faerie
Fire Faerie
water faerie
Water Faerie
earth faerie
Earth Faerie

Where do I find the Battledome Challengers?
For a list of battledome challengers, why not try the One Player Battledome Challengers page?


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