NeoPets Guides – Petpet Sitter

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NeoPets Game Guides – Petpet Sitter

NeoPets Game Guides – Petpet Sitter



Game Avatar:
You must get 2500+ points.

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:
70 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


Petpetsitter, since it came out, has been a hated game for 4 of 5 people. Four of 5 people think it’s a pointless game with cheap Neopoint giveaways, and they’re wrong! If you strategize your mind into that game, you can become a champ … or at least get 3000 Neopoints from it daily :D. Here are some things to avoid, think about and concentrate on, in the game of petpetsitter!

***PETPETSITTER … The Basics***

Petpetsitter is a game that has fun involved in it. The point of the game is to make petpets feel happy with their needs. Example: You will need to make a Gruslen go outside if it wants to, or a Feepit to a bathroom if it wants to. When you know what the petpet needs, click on the petpet and drag it to the place it needs to go. We’ll talk more about these places later in the article , in the chapter of knowledge basics ***Knowledge Basics***

In this game, a lot of hand-eye coordination is involved. You will NEED to remember some things about the game before even THINKING of starting … if not, you’ll be clueless :D. Here is some knowledge that is obliged:


Kitchen: Left side of the house.

Outside: Upper left of the house.

Garage: Middle upper side of the house.

Bedroom: Upper right side of the house.

Bathroom: Right side of the house.

This is VITAL! You need to know your locations! Anyways, after you’ve cleared that, you’ll bee seeing that more and more petpets will be coming in the house. This will stress your mind, and there WILL be some times when 3 billiongallillion petpets will want something at the same time, so the first thing to do is to remain patient and relaxed. No rush, just relaxation and peace … it can get very frustrating some times!


Knowing that a petpet needs to do something is one thing, knowing WHAT it wants! If you think a Feepit needs to go eat, and it really wont help if you send it to the bathroom XD. Here are some tips for anyone confused with the poses

Sleep: If “Z”s are floating over their head.

Repair: If smoke is coming out of them (this only applies to the robot petpets).

Outside: Acting very happy. Maybe barking or wagging their tail.

Kitchen: If their rubbing their tummy and whining. Very important is the licking!!!

Bathroom: This is the hardest to explain. The easiest way to explain is that sweat will be coming out of them, and maybe some whining.

Also, remember that the 2 robot petpets are only there for one reason: repair!! I don’t think they’d want to go to the bathroom too much ….

***The Mop***

The mop is a very interesting factor. While the petpets are walking around, you will notice a mop on the bottom right side of the screen, and it is used for cleaning the broken glass, spilled bucket, and flowers from those evil little thingies! Some people say to use it AMAP (As Much As Possible) and others say to not use it at all (NUIAA XD)! The truth is, I prefer to go with using it, but at the right times. You click and drag to it to the flowers, buckets and bottles ONLY when you believe that no one will bother you at that time. It is annoying when you just clicked on the mop and then everyone starts shouting, and it does happen, so be careful!

***My most important technique in not losing the 5 lives :D***

Here it is … the technique that made me get a bronze in Petpetsitter … it is … *drumroll* … SOUNDS! Yes, those things you hear in your ear (that rhymed!), yes! Those things! It is very important to understand that sounds are very strategic. There is a different sound for each petpet and each doing, and it can be little hard to memorize! Don’t worry, though, it may be tricky and deceiving at first, but anybody can accomplish it! Here are SOME sounds that can get you started:



Bathroom: They whine like a Lupe.

Kitchen: They whine like a Uni.

Outside: They sound like a Kougra (be careful! You might get confused with the Gruslen sound!)

Sleep: Snore.



Kitchen: Almost no sound.

Outside: Barking sound.

Sleep: Snore.



Bathroom: They *baa* heavily and hurriedly.

Kitchen: They *baa* normally.

Outside: Happy *baa* (you’ll know what I mean when you play the game).

Sleep: Snore.

~~GX-4 Oscillabot


Garage: Disc-scratching noise.


Garage: A continuing whistle.



All Noils do is growl – sorry, no help there!

***Getting Done Before Time!! AAAHHHH!!!***

A thing people worry about when they play the game is the fact that you have to work fast to get a good score. This is VERY true . Listening to the sounds and all that applies can make you find which petpet it is that is in need, and you can take care of them easier, but this might not help for some of the times. Example: 5 gagillion petpets screaming and shouting at the same time. You will need to get used to this as it happens quite a lot in the game! Relax, be happy … don’t stress! You can work it out very easily as time passes. In the beginning of the game, you’ll start with 20 seconds of waiting, but then they lower it to a little 10!!! It’s a disaster some of the times, but hey! You’ve got 5 lives! Make sure you drag all petpets that times are running out first than the ones that really don’t matter at the time. If a Babaa has the time of 3 seconds and you’re dragging a Noil that has 9 seconds left into their place, it wouldn’t be very smart would it? It’s called being logical, so it’s not really a tip :D.


I need to have a little section on Feepits (the puffy blue and white petpets), because they are VERY tricky and deceiving! They sound very strange, to tell you the truth, and it makes me laugh!!! When they want to go outside, they sound like Kougras (which shouldn’t be confused with Gruslens or Noils, once again), and wanting to go to the bathroom, they will sound like Babaas! It’s very strange on how they act and sound, but, even with their *ahem* unique *cough cough* sounds, you’ll still be able to tell them apart from other petpets in practice :D.

I’m done! This guide was done with great pleasure, and it was fun sharing ideas! I hope you liked it too! Now you see why a fun game doesn’t have to be so frustrating! With this guide, you’ll be able to score 1000+ points, since it is pretty easy doing so with practice :D. It was luck for me getting the trophy, since I liked the game and practiced, and I want for you to do to! P.S. Petpets = Mess, Chaos and Utter Destruction XD!!!

NeoPets guide written by: Trave

Changes/Revisions/Updates to this NeoPets guide by: None
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