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NeoPets Game Guides – Potato Counter

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Extreme Potato Counter is nothing like the old one except for one thing–you count potatoes. Other than that, it’s totally different. The potatoes actually fly across the game screen is one difference. And the guy (I belive it’s a Wocky), on the game screen is different. Other differences include it’s flash, carrots and other vegetables also fly across the screen, and a few others. But that’s not what this is about.

So, wondering what Extreme Potato Counter is about? Well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s all in the name–you count potatoes. Simple, eh? Not really. The potatoes fly across the screen, and many fly at the same time. It’s your job to count the potatoes correctly–not counting one twice, or accidently missing one. You have to have the exact number in order to continue–and sometimes that can be a hard thing. Especially once you get to the levels where you see carrots and other vegetables besides potatoes flying across the screen.

This game can be useful if you want to gain a bunch of NP–you get 700 NP for every 100 points you score. So what are you waiting for? Get counting!


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