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NeoPets Game Guides – Pterattack



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4 out of 5


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100 NP per 100 PTS

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You play a green Pteri which has to find the way through the mountains of Tyrannia. You’ll face many dangers, but stay alive! Kill the Pterodactyls with the weapons you obtain(you start out with the Pteri-Shooter weapon). Stay away from the Grarrls, or it will ‘eat’ you, causing you to lose a life.

In order to control the Pteri this game, you need to know the controls. Use the arrow keys to move forwards, backwards, left, and right. Use your spacebar to shoot your enemies(you cannot shoot the Grarrl or any enemy when it is behind you.)

Here are the weapons you can obtain(The orbs are the circle-like things):

1(one) Red Orb/circle = Pteri-Shooter(The one you start out with)

2(two) Red Orbs = Pteri-Blaster

3(three) Red Orbs = Healing Spring Special

4(four) Red Orbs = Blast Away Ray

5(five) Red Orbs = All The Way Ray

1(one) Red/White Orb = Tadow

2(two) Red/White Orbs = Thats A Wrap

3(three) Red/White Orbs = Mr. Bones

1 (one) Blue Orb = Rainbow Gun

2 (two) Blue Orbs = Lil’Blaster

3 (three) Blue Orbs = Spark Shooter 5000

4 (four) Blue Orbs = The Boro-Vanisher

5 (five) Blue Orbs = Double-Fisted Phaser

1 Green Orb = Spreader

2 Green Orbs = Jr. Sweeper

3 Green Orbs = Auto-Spreader

4 Green Orbs = Reloader Deluxx

5 Green Orbs = Mecha-Blaster

Everytime you kill/defeat a Pterodactyl you get one(1) point. It also depends on what color it is. I recommend using the hard level, but that’s just in my opinion. There are also different kind of colours that the Pterodactyls are.

Here are the colours, points, and amount of hits for the Pterodactyls:

Brown – 1 (one) point (2 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Red – 2 points (3 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Dark Green – 3 points (4 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Dark Blue – 4 points (5 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Bright Green – 5 points (6 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Light Blue – 6 points (7 Pteri-Shooter hits)

Orange – 7 points (8 Pteri-Shooter hits)

White – 8 points (9 Pteri-Shooter hits)

You get 100(one hundred) NP for every 100 Points you score, making Pterattack a pretty good Neopoint maker. Also, TNT/NeoPets gives this game a medium in hard-ness, but you can decide on that for yourself. Pteracttack will get easier after you play it so many times, as all games do.

Good luck killing/defeating those Pterodactyls, and staying away from the Grarrls!


NeoPets guide written by: Livlo

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