NeoPets Guides – Quests in Neopia

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NeoPets Guides – Quests in Neopia

Baby N just loves doing quests, there are many quests in Neopia to do, those that are presented to you on a random basis and others which you can choose to do. These are an example of what we were asked for in some of the quests, There is a limit of 10 quests per day, so choose wisely.

They can often be expensive so Baby N has evaluated them for you to show you what the returns might be.

Faerie Quests – Earth – Fire – Water – Light – Dark – Air – Queen Faerie – Fountain – Space
Mystery Island- Mystery Island Kitchen Quest
Terror Mountain – Snow Faerie Quest
Haunted Forest – Braintree & Esophagor
Haunted Forest – Witch Quest

Faerie Quests

image Name: Earth Faerie
After completing the Earth Faerie’s quest for a magic item, her reward is to fill your NeoPets stomach up so they are not hungry. Worth it? No, you can always go to the healing springs over and over to get your NeoPets full. It might take awhile, but much more efficient than spending loads of your money on the magic item for her.
image Name: Fire Faerie
The Fire Faerie asks for Clothing items in her quests. Most clothing items are cheap. In return she increases your NeoPets strength. Worth it? Yes having good strength in the battledome is a plus.
image Name: Water Faerie
The Water Faerie asks for books to complete her quest. She will raise your NeoPets defense level once you complete it. Worth it? Well now a days in Neopia since books vanish once you read them to your NeoPet their prices have increased dramatically, so price the book carefully. Although it is usually worth it to pay the price of a book to increase your defense level rather than buying a codestone to train it at the training school.
image Name: Light Faerie
The Light Faerie asks for trading cards to complete her quests. She will raise your NeoPets a level once completed. Worth it? Yes most trading cards are not to expensive. Just price them smartly if you choose to do her quest.
image Name: Dark Faerie
The Dark Faerie asks for toys. Once completing her quest, she will increase your NeoPets health (hit points). Worth it? Yes, Toys are usually priced fairly, and if you are a battledome guru, high hitpoints are worth having.
image Name: Air Faerie
The Air Faerie asks for beauty products. After completing her quest she will increase your NeoPets movement stats. Worth it? Yes beauty products are very cheap.
image Name: Queen Faerie
Sometimes, the Queen Faerie will visit you. She is the most powerful Faerie of all, and her quests can sometimes be very hard. Sometimes expensive, and sometimes pretty darn cheap, we recently had a quest from her, and spent 2,500 NP’s on the item she wanted, and in return she raised our NeoPets strength stat by 2 levels instead of one. One of our visitors, told us that after completing a quest from the Queen, she raised her NeoPets level by 1, strength by 3 and health by 3. The stat she chooses to raise is random, so if the price of the item she asks for is within your budget, we suggest taking her up on the quest offer, especially if your into the battledome, as this is an easier and cheaper way to raise your NeoPets stats.

Special thanks to fyrato & mystikalchick, for giving us some tips and letting us know we missed adding the Queen to the guide! Oops!

image Name: Fountain Faerie
The Fountain Faerie’s quests are rare indeed, comepleting her quests will grant you access to the Rainbow Fountain, which will paint your NeoPet all the colors its species can be painted by, including robot! Never, ever, refuse her quests! They will save you many a neopoint!
image Name: The Space Faerie
The Space faerie will ask you for any kind of product. The price ranges from as low as 300 nps to as high as 30,000 nps. Give her the item she wants and your NeoPet gains 4 levels. (This will never vary). It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it.

Mystery Island Kitchen Quests

image Name: Water Chef
The island kitchen chef, needs you to help her complete her recipe. She will ask for something like “Lumpy Avocado with Mustard Wraps”. Her requested items usually consist of food items. You may be asked to find one item, or two, or three, sometimes even four, its all random. Her quests can be very costly, however her rewards are usually good. But sometimes the payout’s are less then what it cost you to complete it. If you are lucky enough once completing it, she may raise one of your NeoPets stats, or reward you with hundreds of neopoints, or perhaps she may give you a rare item. There is a time limit on this quest, if you do not complete the quest in time she will not reward you, so make sure once you start buying items, you finish it or it would be a waste. Worth it? Yes, but price the items reasonably. Below is Baby N’s evaluation.

Requested Items: Scoop Chops, Spiced Apple Pie, Dark Chocolate Pteri, Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Amount Paid for Items:
5574 NP
Reward Given:
You have been given 818 NeoPoints as a reward!
Total Loss or Gain:
4756 NP loss
Obviously this was not worth it. But all quests are different, just pick and choose wisely.

Snow Faerie Quest

image Name: Snow Faerie – Taelia
Quest info.

Requested Items: requested items.
Amount Paid for Items:
amount paid
Reward Given:
Total Loss or Gain:
# NP Win or Lose

BrainTree & Esophagor Quest



The Braintree is a little different format in doing a quest. He will ask you to find out the date and place of death of a Neopian. Now in order to find this information out, you need to Feed the Esophagor two times. Upon doing that the Esophagor will reveal the answers to the BrainTrees quest. Write them down, and then go back to the BrainTree and insert them into the correct places. Recently the price of Spooky Foods which is what the Esophagor asks for have sky rocketed. So again with all quests choose wisely. Below is Baby N’s evaluation:

Requested Items from Esophagor:First Round a Pumpkin Pie, Second Round a Toffee Classic, Pumpkin Slice, and Almost Gummy Rat (Lime)
Amount Paid:
27600 NP
Reward Given:
Ghostkerchief Pet Pet (value 3500NP)
Total Loss or Gain:
24100 NP loss
Huge Loss for this quest. But sometimes you might be lucky and get an attack fork as your reward, so as we said before choose wisely.

Witches Quest

image Name: Edna
Edna the witch needs you to find her spell ingredients. Her quests kinda work in unison with the BrainTree and Esophagor quests. She gives out spooky food items as her rewards, which could possibly be an alternative to paying such high prices for the Esophagor. Although you never know what items she will give you, as they might not be what you are looking for, but hey its worth a shot. Below is Baby N’s evaluation:
Requested Items: Pink Toadstool, Choco Pie Slice, Glass Roses, and Neo Crackers.
Amount Paid: 1740 NP
Reward Given: The old witch gives you a Sun Dried Techo Claw!!!
and 55 NP
Total Loss or Gain: 1085 NP loss
Well this time we lucked out. But I would suggest trying her quests a few times and stock up on some Spooky Foods before attempting the BrainTree and Esophagor.

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