NeoPets Guides – The Buzzer Game

NeoPets Game Guides – The Buzzer Game

Game Guides – The Buzzer Game



Game Avatar:
You must get 300+ points.

4 out of 5

Click above to play!

NP Ratio:
400 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:
Right click and left click after you start the timer to change your cursor to an arrow.

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


OBJECTIVE – Get from the beginning of the wire, to the end of the wire

2ND OBJECTIVE – Finish before the bonus timer runs out to gain extra points.

How to lose – Going outside the wire area once starting the game will kill you, the bonus timer is just for points and you WILL NOT lose if it runs out so you can take your time

Buttons used – Just moving the mouse

Bonuses – Avatar when scoring 300+ points

First of all, the strategies start before you even open the game. You are going to want a bigger screen size as it makes the wires bigger and easier to navigate through if you are using the Mouse Pointer Cheat. To start the game you must click on the Green start dot on the left side of the screen.

To win the level you must move through the maze of wires to the red dot on the end without setting the buzzer off. The first levels are easy enough that you can get lots of bonus points. The latter ones are so long that its next to impossible (unless your a robot….and if so *gives two thumbs up*) so in those levels just take it slow and worry about staying alive.

The Cheat:

The cheat of the game allows you to have a mouse pointer appear while playing and this makes the game much easier as instead of worrying about if you have the loop around the wire properly, you just have to keep the tip of the finger of the hand pointer that appears WITHIN the loop. It helped me alot.


Extra tips.

Laser type mouse’s work best for this game

Try using your fingers instead of whole hand to move the mouse around and always start your mouse on the left side of the mouse pad near the middle/bottom left area of the pad.

If you are finding it hard, just take your time, and just slowly edge your way around the maze of wires. Take a breather if you get to jumpy. Go have a drink and something to eat, chat on your guild board (Neoholic suggested hint hint, nudge nudge, say no more) or something then come back( if you do have to leave and you don’t care about bonus points and just the avi, just right click and then you can move the mouse around anywhere you want without dyeing, unless you click again. If you unclick to far away from where you pause clicked in the first place though you will die. Actually i just checked and if you leave the game window even with the pause it unclick’s auto and kills you the second you move the mouse back on.)

That’s is all i can say to help you, usually i am somewhere around 500 points when i finish the game so its not necessary to even beat it to get near 300 points required for the avi.

Hope This guide was useful to some people, maybe more guides to come:D

(Also included pictures of all 15 levels) Starting from Level 1 and up








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