NeoPets Guides – The Guide to Neo-Slang and Smilies

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Other Guides – The Guide to Neo-Slang and Smilies

by Snorkie

When you’re on the NeoBoards, and people are talking, and they say a word, and they don’t say they made a mistake in spelling? Well, that’s what we call ‘Neo-Slang.’ It’s the NeoPets way in saying stuff. Here are some tips that will help you understand it more.

I pwn you!
In that sentence, the bold word “pwn” is probably the word you don’t understand. Well, in Neo-Slang, to pwn means to own. So, when someone says to you, “I pwn you,” that mean that they’re saying that they own you. Got it?

Joo are a loser!
In that sentence, the bold word “joo” is probbaly the word you don’t really understand. Well, in Neo-Slang, joo means you. For exmaple, when somebody says, “Joo are a loser” they’re saying that you’re a loser.

In that little phrase, the bold word “Mwuahaha” is probably something that you don’t really understand. Well, in Neo-Slang, Mwuahaha is just a way of doing an evil laugh. So, when somebody says to you, “I pwn joo! Mwuahaha!” that means that after they say that they own you, they’re doing an evil laugh. Mmkay?

I’m a l33t restocker.
In that sentence, the bold word is “l33t.” You probably don’t understand what it means, as it is pretty confusing. I’ll do the best I can do to explain it. When somebody says that they’re a l33t restocker, that means that they buy things at very low prices and sell them in their shop for higher prices, and they make prices. They do that repeatadly.

Ooh, that’s spiffeh
In that sentence, the bold word “spiffeh” is probably the word you don’t understand. Well, in Neo-Slang, spiffeh just means “spiffy” in another spelling. (Spiffy means like good or pretty.) So, when somebody says to you, “Oh, your guild layouts looks just spiffeh!” that means they’re complimenting it. Words that most likely end in “y” or “ie” might be said with it ending with “eh.” For example, “bunny” would be turned into “bunneh.” “Cookie” would be turned to “cookeh.” You think you got it now?

What are those wierd smilies?

Okay, now here’s another way people can get confused when they’re talking to somebody on NeoPets. The other person might use some wierd things that aren’t even actual smilies, like or . They might use o.O or O_O or something like that.

o.O, O_O, o_O, O_o , and o.o all mean the same thing. They mean like “ookay, that’s wierd” or “huh?” or “that’s a lot,” or, basicly, “woa.” So when somebody uses one of those, you know what they mean!

T.T means like they’re just glaring at you like it’s shocking that you didn’t know something. It’s hard to explain, but if you look t the smiley close enough you’ll know what I mean.

xD, XD, xP, and XP are other ways of saying that’s funny and things. xD or XD of course mean the same thing. They just mean like “lol” or “funny” or “you’re so stupid you’re funny,” those sort of things. xP and XP mean the same thing, too. They mean like they’re sticking their tongue out, sort of teasing you. They mean the same thing as or :-P.

U.U is just a way of saying “that’s sad that you don’t know that” or “sorry to hear that.” It’s basicly a way of just showing that you’re looking down.

and >_> mean the same thing, except they’re in different directions. They just mean like “that’s not good,” or “I’m mad, leave me alone” or juat plain “I’m angry.”

^^, , ^^;, and ^.^ really mean the same thing. They just mean like “that’s awesome!” or “cool” or “thank you for the nice compliment” or “I’m proud” and things like that.

Here’s a few added from a forum member:
e_e or e.e are used when people glare at you n_n or n.n are kind of the same as ^_^, they show happiness w_w is mostly the same as U_U, but mpst people dont really use it.

Woa, I can’t believe joo read all that! xD Thanks for reading it and I hope you’ll understand what people say more on NeoPets. Good luck! ^^

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