NeoPets Guides – Ultimate Bullseye

NeoPets Game Guides – Ultimate Bullseye

NeoPets Game Guides – Ultimate Bullseye



Game Avatar:
You must get 230+ points.

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:
800 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:
Type the word “Catapult” before your shot to get an extra bonus shot.

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


To Score as many points as possible in 10 shots at a bullseye possibly more.

How are you going to do this, well i’ll give some game tips that should help in your bullseye ventures that you may not be aware of.

Yes there are bonuses for getting 10 points in 1 shot (that’s right just 10 points sometimes you don’t have to hit the bullseye)

Punchbag Bob, symbol (P)- Punchbag Bob will appear on a stick with an apple on his head, hit the apple for 20 POINTS

Closer, Symbol (C) – The Target moves closer to your arrow shooting device, worst power up used alone.

Fire Ring, Symbol (F) – A ring of fire appears in front of the target somewhere and lights the arrow on fire for double the points of what you hit.

Bigger, Symbol (B) – The bullseye on the target will continue to grow larger and shrink smaller.

After you score ten or more points in a shot and the continue screen comes up, you will see a symbol of one of the above bonuses there. Click on it to receive the bonus. Bonuses can also be mixed so you could if you save your bonuses have a punchbag bob close to you growing bigger and smaller with a ring of fire allowing double the points of 40 POINTS!. Yes the mix of punchbag bob bonus and fire lets you receive the most points you can in the game 40. Also with the fire bonus you don’t even have to hit the bullseye, while hitting the bullseye will give you 20 points, hitting the 5 point area around it will give you ten points and another bonus shot.

Well I find it best to aim slightly over the bulls eye and then shoot it when the power bar is at the 4th ticker on the bar. Fire arrows by holding the space bar for power and releasing to shoot the arrow. Use the up and down keys to aim the arrows before shooting! Also if you score a 10 + points on the last 10th shot you will get an extra shot as long as you continue doing this, you can play until the sun goes down.

Some bonuses can be tricky and do more harm then good and are difficult to shoot at.

PunchBag Bob Low Shot
The first picture shows were not to aim, you are going to be aiming for the apple not the head. If you hit the head you receive no points and you do waste a turn.

Its best when the apple is close to the ground, aim for the bottom of the stem on the apple or somewhere VERY close. When shooting at punchbag bob the arrows tend to mysteriously fall faster, so aim and power up to a bit over the 4th ticker. The result is 20 points and a new bonus.

Now Bob is at a higher level.


PunchBag Bob High Shot
Well this is one of the most difficult shots in the entire game other then when the fire ring decides to be an annoyance. Anyway’s for this shot your going to be aiming very much over his head. As I said when punchbag is being shot at, gravity tends to go wacky and arrows fall fast. If punchy decides he’s going to be placed any higher then the screenshots shown below, then your going to have to aim closer to him but shoot much harder so the arrow fly’s straight at him and hopefully doesn’t go through (that being the reason not to shoot so hard).

So fire away and blam right in the sweet spot, that’s what your aiming for.


Larger Bulls Eye Shot
This is tricky if you don’t know what your doing but can be very easy once you get used to it, and even easier if mixed with a close shot.

Aim like usual and prepare to fire when the bullseye is small and just starting to get big again, so by the time it reaches the target it will be like in the second screen shot below. Hopefully you’ll get 10 points and another bonus (remember don’t aim to low)


In the first screenshot we have the easy shot, you can hit the bullseye for 20 points, or anywhere around it for 10 points, and still get another bonus.
(no screenshot for this one because it is very easy!)

This in my opinion is the hardest shot in the entire game. The second and third screenshot show this. You cannot shoot through the metal pole that the ring of fire is on, also the ring is much too high to achieve a bullseye with unless your arrows fire from around 6 feet higher.

So in the first screen shot that’s where not to aim, yes its where you should aim if you didn’t have a 10 foot pole in the way but there is. The second screenshot is where to aim if not a tad lower. Your going to have to shoot very lightly so the arrow doesn’t fly over the target but rather flies through the hoop and comes down hopefully in the 5 point area or if your luckier on the bullseye.

The closer one is an easy shot simply just aim a bit above the target and fire like normal, it’ll fly right in there. You just gotta practice and practice at it.


If you decide to save bonuses which can prove useful, just mix the above strategies to match the situations.

Well i hope that this helped alot and will get you on the way to scoring hundreds of point. Good luck!

Practice a little bit and get the feel of the game. The NeoPoints ratio in this game is good. If you’re not satisfied with your score, keep practicing. 🙂 Happy bullseying. 😉

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Guide written by: The_Hunter_Killer

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