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Game Avatar:


4 out of 5


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NP Ratio:

150 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:

Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

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The point of the game is to get all ten Usuki sets that are needed. The levels are all the same so you’ll remember them if you fail the first time. The game is a lot easier if you go anti-clockwise, bedroom to bathroom, up to dining room, left to kitchen, and left again to the lounge.

You get ten extra points for each correct Usuki set you pick up. You lose three points for picking up an incorrect Usuki set, which you then have to put away on the nearby shelves. Of course all of this is wrapped around a time limit so be careful not to waste time.

Tip: The Usul moves move going diagonally so use it to your advantage while moving.


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