NeoPets Guides – Warf Rescue

NeoPets Game Guides – Warf Rescue

NeoPets Game Guides – Warf Rescue



Game Avatar:


4 out of 5


NP Ratio:

300 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:

Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:

Type ‘trappedkadoaties’ to gain an extra life.


Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


Those silly Kadoaties have got stuck up a really tall tree and cannot get down– his is a job for the Warf Rescue Team!

You must stack the Warfs up so they form a big tall column of Warfs. When the green bar moves into the correct position, click and hold the left mouse button. This will launch a Warf from a catapult onto the top of the stack. Try and maneuver the Warfs into the Kadoaties so they can help them to safety. If you get the Warf perfectly on top of the one below it you get a bonus.

Avoid other creatures that may be hiding up the tree (you only want Kadoaties!) If three Warfs fall and miss the stack, its GAME OVER.

Warf rescue team is an easy game to get 3k a day from all you have to do is as the very start, keep restarting until a Kadoatie is on the right then send about 10 warfs at full power and you will have about 50 points! To get 1000np you only need 200 points. Every Kadoatie hit scores 20 points. Every Warf landed properly scores 2 points, and the Kadoaties get you more time. There is currently nothing that can get you extra lives on this game.


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