NeoPets Guides – Whack A Kass

NeoPets Game Guides – Whack A Kass

NeoPets Game Guides – Whack A Kass



Game Avatar:
You must get 850+ points.

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:
40 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:

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OBJECTIVE – Hit that stuffed Lord Kass as far as you can.

Buttons used – Space Bar(i use)/Mouse button to let kass fall from the tree and the same buttons Swing at kass when he falls. There are other advanced tips that these buttons will be used for later but its better to explain them then.

Difficulty Levels

Uses a piece of bread as your whacking tool
Medium: Uses a stick as your whacking tool
Hard: Bat, more of a spiked club is now used

What can I say about difficulty levels, well for one the name is a bit untrue as it grows easier to score more points as you advance through the level, but to advance to the next level you need to whack kass a certain distance. It seems hard if you don’t know what your doing, this was the case with me before I noticed some things not explained in the game instructions, that make it very easy once you are in hard mode to accumulate points of 900+ This also allows you to get through difficult levels easier. Your whacking tool is the only thing that is changed in each level, and the speed at which kass falls from the tree.

So you may find the first level to be very easy and these tips aren’t even needed for you to get to medium.

Medium difficulty YOU MUST do these things, otherwise you may spend more time then needed here and become frustrated.

Hit away! You don’t have any required score to beat since this is the last level, there is an avatar for this game that requires a score of 850 points, using the tips in this guide you should have no trouble accomplishing that! You can now concentrate on achieving a highscore and earn yourself a shiny new trophy.


The Playing Screen

Alright here is the sweet stuff. Take notice of several things whilst playing. Use the screenshot below for a visual guide.

1) Flag- It will flap around to the right or left. This is to show wind, but i don’t pay attention to the flag for wind.

2) Wind Speed – You don’t need that annoying flag when you get the more accurate wind speed count, It goes From -9 to +9 speed. This will be explained in depth further on in the guide.

3) Kass- Sitting up there in the branch is a purple kass, this is your intended target that you will be hitting with your whacking tool.

4) You- Yup that’s you underneath that tree Kass sits upon.

The Playing Screen


How To hit.Use the screenshot below for a visual guide

Here is what you really want. You hit the spacebar and kass will fall from the tree toward you, in easy mode he falls slowly, medium he falls somewhat fast, and in hard he drops like a rock in water.

So where do you hit him? Mostly in easy mode you just hit him wherever, as long as he doesn’t just fall. Sometimes in easy mode, because kass moves so slowly, if you hit him too high he won’t go far enough. In medium and hard you’re trying to hit him around the time he just gets to the top of your head perhaps even a bit later. You will have to use your own judgment on that part.

Also ALWAYS before you hit, ensure that your windspeed meter is +9, if it is any lower he will not go as far as he can. If you have a negative meter per second speed he will pretty much launch up and come back over your head (well not really) but he will come backwards when he slows down in the air.

Where To Hit Screenshot


Advanced class

Well good you now know how to hit kass but that doesn’t mean he will go far. Here it is the games big secret that you will only notice after looking for hours, studying the screen for a week like I did…but I will let you in on the secret.

Hitting kass is fun and very theraputic! However the game doesn’t end there, in fact, the most important part of the game is actually when kass is airborn. Once you hit kass, you actually assume control of his flying techniques! Yep, there are contols not mentioned in the actual game instructions on NeoPets. Don’t worry it isn’t as complicated as it sounds, the only controls you really need to use in the game is the spacebar and mouse.

Advanced Controls:

Space Bar/Mouse press – Kass pulls in his wings allowing himself to resist the wind and bomb into the air or into the ground at high speeds.


Space Bar/Mouse Release – Kass starts flapping his little wings like crazy and he will glide in the wind for a maximum distance.


Now that you are aware of the secret techniques, I’ll show you how to use them to become a master of the game!

The Steps:

Ok so you’ve just hit kass high into the air but he seems to be going a little slow and not as high as he could.
Solution: When you hit kass do not let go of the Space/Mouse button and his wings will not flap, kass will then bomb high into the air and the wind barely effecting him.

Now that your at your peak of flight you have two choices.

1) Continue to hold the Space/mouse button down and kass plunges into the ground and high speeds from high heights, though smashing kasses head
into the ground sound good after just hitting him with a bat because he beat you in the battle dome, You would then get a stinky score.

2) Let go and he starts flapping for dear life, and what do you know it works, kass glides extremely far across the sky and will land far as well.

But what’s this, even though you have just gave your score a great boost the most you can get him is at most 390 meters, and well that’s just not quite enough of the 450 meters needed to pass medium so what now?

Well here is what you must do. If you look closely after following the above steps when kass hits the ground he doesn’t just stop, he makes about 1-2 bounces.This is the most difficult part of the game but it will allow you to score big points and if you get good enough scores of over 1100 points while you are in hard mode.

So kass is slowly gliding towards the ground for a safe landing, but that’s not what want. When kass gets to about the top of the of the tree line, or double the height of the Meter signs in medium difficulty, hold the space/mouse and kass will dive into the ground and if your lucky you will get a nice bounce. After he bounces let go and he will glide quickly for about 1 second. Repeat this although it gets harder, as bouncesand height decrease and you can get another 100 meters in medium and another 200 in hard mode. I can average 5-6 bounces and accumulate 1150-1171 points in hard mode.

I would have Screen shots for this but it is to hard to get them while kass is plunging towards the ground at high speeds. People have given me back good results from trying these techniques and I hope your game becomes better after this.

Thank You

Here are some additional tips submitted by other players for Whack-A-Kass, if you have anything you wish to add here that we don’t have listed please contact us.

Darkwolf_Untamed tips: After literally MONTHS of playing Whack-A-Kass, I have figured out a system that will allow ANYONE to easily get the “Whacked” avatar. The system is as follows:

Alright, here’s what you do. It’s all based on aerodynamics. When it’s going up, it goes higher with the wings IN… IE, holding down the left mouse button. When it’s coming down, the wings need to be flapping, because it levels out it’s trajectory, and causes it to go farther in the air… Everyone knows this part, though.

The NEW trick happens when it starts to hit the GROUND… And you have to have the sound on. Listen for the little ‘bonk’ it makes when it hits the ground, then hold down the left mouse button again and release it a second later… So it’s wings are flapping when it hits, but when it goes into the BOUNCE, the wings AREN’T flapping. This makes it streamlined and it bounces farther.

When it starts to fall again, from the bounce, release the mouse button, listen for the next ‘bonk’, then repeat the same steps until it finally skids to a stop.

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