NeoPets Guides – Zurroball

NeoPets Game Guides – Zurroball

NeoPets Game Guides – Zurroball



Game Avatar:

4 out of 5


NP Ratio:
300 NP per 100 PTS

Helpful Skills:
Fast Fingers, Quick Thinking

Quick NeoPet Game Cheats:
Click the ‘N’ on the Grundo’s suit to use the Grundo as a ball.

Note: The above pics may not apply to all games.


This guide was written for, but when NeoHolic gave NeoNewsNow it’s content,the guide came with it.

As you can see, Zurroball is a high ranked game by just looking at the score tables! And difficulty ranked it is over rated it should be at least medium it is mainly rated that probably because it’s Metal ball, Energy ball, and Eye ball are sort of tedious

Zurroball’s Menu
Okay, the menu for Zurroball is very confusing at first! That’s why this part is here as you can see below it explains the menu to the game Zurroball


1. Status/Moves

Number one as shown on images is for telling you your current status and tricks you pulled off.

When you complete a move (Boomerang, Around-the-world, Right Zurro, Left Zurro, etc.) it will keep track of them all and you can easily rack up a 10+ combo/move

What I meant by “status” is it also shows you how many balls/grundos you have left (number three also tells you) best clicks when game is over best combo at the end of the game so it is a little helper, it will also tell you your current score after losing a grundo and after losing game (also like number five above without the grundo status.)

2. Ball/grundo status and scoring point.

Number two shows a picture of your ball and will hold it in idle for 5 seconds after five seconds in idle it will drop or by clicking it will cause it to go into action so be ready.

The red neon flashing lights are the Scoring Point thus mean when a ball/grundo goes above it will count whatever combo/move you just pulled off will be counted in your score but I will get more detailed in scoring below

3. Ball Status

Well, the title pretty much explains it. It’s pretty simple it tells you how many balls/Grundos you currently have, it comes in handy too it tells you how many more chances you have before you go onto the great scoring in the sky.

4. Shadow

This shadow I’m talking about is a shadow that shows you when your Grundo is going to land this shadow moves side-to-side it will come in handy truly!

Simply hover your cursor above the shadow of the ball on the ground, this will usually help you determine where the ball is going to land in advance.

5. Scoring info

Yes, I finally got here! Well first I will talk about the menu for number five:

Best: This is the best score you have gotten threw the current game that you are playing.

Last: This is the last score you got after getting over the red bars it has a max limit of XXXX points on it I tested it

Total: This is your current total score not much to say.

Scoring Ranks
Free-Style: 1 point
Right-Zurro: 3
Left-Zurro: 3
Around-the-World: 10
Grounder: 1 NOTE: you always get ten of these

These are the only ones I am aware of, if you know of any others please email the neoholic staff using the contact form and they will give you proper credit.

6.Send Score

This is for submitting you scores for getting your Neopoints just click “Submit Score” and it will bring you to a screen showing you that it is contacting the server then it will be processing your earnings, turning them into Neopoints and they should be added to your Neopoints total (lower left corner on the yellow bar).

7. Total Clicks

Best Clicks: These are the best clicks you have made: say before I scored (go over the red bar) I clicked on my Grundo/Ball 16 times that would be the best click I have made but it will change every time you do more and more clicks.

Last Clicks: The last amount of clicks you made cannot be higher then the Best Clicks, if it is it will be changed to the best

Current Clicks: This is to tell you so far how many clicks you have made before going over the red bar it could be 1 to XXXXX

Tips and Tricks:

Grundo as a ball: Click on the N on the Grundos space jacket to unlock a secret level where the Grundo in a space suit is the ball! No joke!

Big Scoring: To get “big scoring” try doing a few combos and tricks under the red bars, when they go over the red bar they may be worth a lot!

Controls: The controls are very basic: simply click on the ball or grundo image to manuver it in different directions.

If you want a high score in Zurroball here is a good tip. If you have a slow computer the game is easier because the ball will be easier to catch but if you have a very fast computer then try this. Try playing a CD or running a big program while you are playing. This will slow down the game a lot making it easier to play. This works for most reflex based action games but I find Zurroball is the best for it.

NeoPets guide written by:Raichu

Extra Game tip by: Cyborg771
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