NeoPets Lists/Finders – Golden Dubloon


NeoPets Lists/Finders – Golden Dubloon


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NeoPets Lists/Finders – Golden Dubloon

Ahoy all ye neopians! We have compiled a list of items available at the Golden Dubloon for you.
Ok, as far as we know, in order to take something home from the Golden Dubloon your NeoPet needs to eat something from all of the courses….. if anyone has any more info on this please please let us know so we can share with others

imageStarter Courses
Main Courses
Dessert Courses
Cocktail Courses
Starter Courses

Food Name & Cost
image Caeser Salad costs 1 Dubloon.
image Crusty Clam Suprise costs 3 Dubloons.
image Double Stuffed Guppy costs 5 Dubloons.
image Oyster Obsession costs 2 Dubloons.
image Shiver Me Shrimp costs 3 Dubloons.
image Tomato Cannon Ball costs 2 Dubloons.
image Tropical Breeze costs 1 Dubloons.

Main Courses

Food Name & Cost
image Baby Bloater costs 3 Dubloon.
image Barnacle Bill’s Belt Busting Burger costs 4 Dubloons.
image Bilge Rat Madeira costs 4 Dubloons.
image Cap’n Threelegs Cutless Crusade costs 9 Dubloons.
image Headless Horsefish costs 5 Dubloons.
image Loretta Fontaine’s Perfect Pizza costs 5 Dubloons.
image Our Famous Krawk Pie costs 5 Dubloons.
image Slithering Squid Suprise costs 3 Dubloons.


Food Name & Cost
image Blueberry and Oyster Icecream costs 3 Dubloons.
imageimageimage Assorted Joy Fun Pops costs 2 Dubloons.
image Forbidden Plunder costs 3 Dubloons.
image Kraku Berry Cove costs 2 Dubloons.
image Pinanna Paradise costs 4 Dubloons.
image Squid On A Stick costs 3 Dubloons.


Food Name & Cost
imageimageimageimage Assorted Bottles Of Pop costs 2 Dubloons.

  • Lemon
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Blue Raspberry
image Cannon Fodder costs 2 Dubloons.
image Grog Light costs 2 Dubloons.
imageimageimageimage Grog In Four Fruity Flavors costs 2 Dubloons.

  • Bomberry
  • ErgyFruit Grog
  • Kraku Berry Grog
  • Tchea Grog
image Hogshead costs 10 Dubloons.
image Keel Haul costs 2 Dubloons.
image Land Lubber costs 2 Dubloons.
image Man O War costs 2 Dubloons.
image Walk The Plank costs 2 Dubloons.

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