NeoPets Shops – Restocking Tips


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NeoPets Shops – Restocking Tips

also see More restocking tips

by WontonSoup

Many of the rich and famous Neopians are often asked how they got so rich. The answer is most times either go away (for the mean ones) or restocking.  Many people think that the easiest way to make neopoints is to play games (or maybe just get lucky on Colzan’s Shrine) but that requires skill and lots and lots of time. To restock some people say you have to a fast computer or DSL. Not true. The key to being a good restocker lies in ten easy steps.

Tip One: Know Your Shop

Pick one shop to restock at and research it. Find out if it stocks every eight minutes exactly or every six minutes and thirty seconds. Know what items restock there and how much they sell for on the Shop Wizard. Know the shop like the back of you hand.  Don’t pick the smugglers cove as the coughillegalactivitiescough run by the Meepit overlords draw too much attention if people refresh there. Also don’t pick Little Nippers on Krawk Island as they take doubloons not regular neopoints.

Tip Two: Tabs or Windows

If you have Mozilla Firefox use it or another tab base web browser. It helps to have the shop wizard in one window, your shop in another, and the shop you are restocking in another tab. If you have Windows Explorer than have windows open. Some other tab-based browsers are Netscape and one my friend made (he calls it Milo’s l33t browser).

Tip Three: Music

Put on some classical music like Mozart or Vivaldi (my favorite). It helps sooth your mind and body when browsing your chosen shop and calms you down if you miss an item. If you can, get Vivaldi the Four Seasons, as it is cheerful music. Keep your music low and after awhile you will barely notice it and it will make you less irritable by those annoying shopkeepers (like the Faerie Book Keeper but you didn’t hear me say that!)

Tip Four: Price

Make sure when you are restocking or pricing your own shop that you don’t had extra zeros or forget to put on the last seven. This can lead to disastrous pricing and some yelling done by the shopkeeper. Also when pricing for your own shop always keep the price about three hundred to four hundred neopoints lower than the Shop Wizard (not too low though, you still need a profit). Items sell fast this way and if you have other, higher priced items in your shop people might notice it and impulse buy. Setting lower prices also increases your shops customers and ups your reputation

Tip Five: Money

Make sure to have about thirty thousand out of the back just in case some rare item pops up. This also helps when buying multiple items like five Neocola© tokens. We all know Faellies do not actually cost seven hundred neopoints in the Official Shop.

Tip Six: Bookmark

Bookmark your chosen shop for easy access just in case of miss placed clicks. Also this allows you to start your restocking day of quick. Bookmark your own shop as well as the Shop Wizard and the trading post (for those really rare grabs).

Tip Seven: Do not Ever Shop Here

Certain shops never have good items or are always really expensive. New shops are also not good for restocking, as many Neopians are restocking there and the chances of getting an item for that shop is low. Also never shop at the Tiki Tack because all of it is class as “junk” and sells for fewer than one hundred neopoints. Never, ever, ever (and I stress) ever buy asparagus as they belong to Adam and only him. He will get very mad if your eat him asparagus.

Tip Eight: Fast Computer? No need.

Even if your computer is fast you have the same advantage as someone with a slow computer. The only difference is whether or not you have certain options enabled on your computer. Make sure to clear you cache often and delete useless cookies as these slow your computer down.

Tip Nine: Practice

After several days of restocking you should have a rhythm that makes for quick, smooth movements when typing your price. Practice reciting the prices of the items in your shop, memorize them.  Remember Practice makes perfect.

Tip Ten: Haggling

Last but not least we have haggling. Hag·gle v. – To bargain, as over the price of something; dicker. When haggling never put a price way low, for instance if trying to buy a item priced at two thousand neopoints never ask for two hundred neopoints as this will get you kicked out of the shop real soon. Also if you miss an item don’t worry, blame the nearest human being.

I hope these tips have helped and that you will soon be restocking your way to a new paintbrush.  Remember, never buy asparagus, don’t bother the Meepit overlords (Yes masters.) and restock, restock, restock.

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