NeoPets Stock Market

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The NeoPets Stock Market

by Astute33

This guide will be updated when needed as NeoPets changes certain things around that may affect the outcome of some things within this guide.
Disclaimer: The below guide is based on my own personal experience and it is your own decision whether to follow it. I will not be liable for any loss of NPs if you use the methods described in the guide.


Part 1: General Requirements

In order to start your investing career, below are some requirements which you should have to become a successful Neodaq Tycoon.

1. Patience – It is completely normal for a stock to not do very much for MONTHS. The Stock Market is NOT a get rich quick game. However, if you continue to invest everyday, make your portfolio grow, and wait, profits can be amazing.

2. Discipline – If you have set a target to sell stocks only after it has made 200% profit, then stick to it. Do not get swayed.

3. Capital – You need investing Capital to play the stock market, sometimes it may take months before a stock will rise to your target selling price. So if you cannot afford to spare the Neopoints, do not invest.

4. Adventurous – The Stock market is a high risk game, there is chance to lose lots of NPs, so if you cannot afford the risk, don’t invest.

Part 2: NeoPets Stock Buying

1. Short term Stock movement is generally random, but long term wise, there may be some pattern. You can visit which plots and updates the individual stock movement charts. If you are interested in the Stock movement trend and history, the charts will provide you with the necessary information.

2. Always buy at least 500 shares of the stock you want to invest in. Do not buy very small quantities as the broker charges you a fee of 20 NPs when you sell shares.

3. To take minimum risk, buy stocks which are priced at around the 15 to 20 NPs range. Some expensive Stocks may look like a very good investment. In such cases, it will depend on your own judgment whether to take the risk.

4. The Stock price changes roughly every 30 minutes, so if you are not able to find any stock to invest in, just wait a while and check back later.

5. Diversify your portfolio, invest in a few stocks which you think is promising. Even for very good stocks, it is not wise to buy only that particular stock, since it may not rise to your selling target for a very long time.

6. If there are a few stocks at 15 to 20 NPs range, and you are undecided on which to invest in. You can take a look at the volume of each stock to see what other players are investing in. The volume will not affect the price movement of the stock, but it will tell you which stock is more desirable.

Part 3: NeoPets Stock Selling

1.. Always set a selling target, for example, if you bought 1000 shares of a stock at 15 NPs , you should set a target like maybe 30NPs. So when the price hit 30NPs, you sell it off and earn 15,000 NPs. Don’t be greedy and keep waiting, as the price may drop. This takes a lot of discipline, easy to say, but difficult to follow. Note that 30 NPs is just for reference, if you are prepared to do long term investments, set a higher target.

2. Never sell at a loss! You can’t lose NP in this game unless you do this. If a stock goes down, don’t panic, never fear. It will go back up. If you decide to buy stocks that are really high, the risk is much greater. The only way you can actually permanently lose NP on the stocks in a way that is uncontrollable to you is if a stock bankrupts. This is very rare.

End of Guide

Some of the pointers are provided by Duck_Fanatic from who is an Admin at Forums.

The above guide is based on my personal experience, there is likely to be flaws and inaccuracies as the system in NeoPets changes with time. If you have any ideas to improve the guide and wish to inform / update / correct me on any mistakes which I made. Please neomail me ( Astute33) or send me an email (, it would be preferable if you include a short quotation of the section which require correction or updating. All ideas/suggestions used in the guide provided by other users will be given full credit. If you like to discuss more about NeoPets Stock movements, trends/theories. Please visit NNN forums.

If you think that this NeoPets stock market guide is useful and wish to modify and/or post this guide publicly on your own website or Guild, kindly inform the NNN team and myself. This will motivate me to provide more useful guides. 😉

Some content © All other images, likenesses, names © and/or TM Neopets, Inc. 2001-2005.