Shops 4 Newbies


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Shops 4 Newbies

by Lord_Kyoto

So then. Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re a newbie, who wants to open a shop. You’re in luck then, because I’m the one who was assigned to write this guide. And do you know what? I don’t play games. I use my one and only shop to make NeoPoints (the currency of NeoPets).

Starting Up:
So you have your account, and you are ready to go. Well, as the saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. At NNN, we have a handy guide on how to do that. 10k a Day. So get 10,000 NP, and meet me back here pronto!

Creating a shop:
So you now have your NP. That’s good. On the yellow sidebar, click “shops”. Once you get to that page, you should notice another yellow bar. This one’s sides sort of look like scrolls. The second to the left button looks a lot like a store, right? Then click it. You’ll be brought to a page that’ll tell you that you have no shop. Well, click “Create/Edit a Shop”. From there, fill out the required information. It’s you’re shop, customize it! This will cost you 150 NP. But that’s an investment. Don’t worry.

Acquiring Items to Sell:
Now you have a shop, but no product. That’s fine. First of all, on the 10k a Day guide, it lists some freebies. These are places around Neopia that you can utilize (either for free, or for a small price). Usually, you’ll get nothing from them, but sometimes you can get something to sell in your shop.

But freebies won’t make you rich very fast. So go back to that “scroll bar” on the shop menu. Fourth from the left is a picture of a girl with a flower in her hair. This icon is your friend. It will lead you to the Trading Post.

Trading Post:
You’re probably thinking “But I have a shop, why trade?” The TP is a very nice place to get items to sell in your shop. Click on the link “Browse Lots”, then “newest 20”. This will bring you to a list of twenty lots, as their called. These lots will most likely have users that are online.

So look through the twenty. You can skip ones that say NFS or NFT, which means they don’t want to trade. Ones that say reserved means that a deal was struck, and you’re too late to get the item. Also, you can skip ones that feature Un-buyable items. Those are out of your league, for now. But there will still be plenty. Lets take this lot I see right now. Three scratch cards. Open up a window (keep the one on the TP open as well). In this new window, go to the shop wizard. Try to find the lowest prices for each item in the lot. For me, each scratch card was worth 600 NP. Since there are three, I multiply that, to make the lot worth 1800 NP. Click the “Make an Offer” button. Bid any old items (try to use one that’s only worth one or two NP), and your offer. Either they’ll accept, or they’ll turn you down. Keep going until you think you have a decent amount of items (make sure you keep at least 2000 NP, though).

Selling items:
Back to your shop now, more importantly, the Create/Edit menu. Down at the very bottom of the screen, you’ll see a little section. “Shop Size”. This controls how many items you can put in your shop at once. Upgrade it until you run out of neopoints. My shop size is 20. That’s more than I’ll ever need.

Now, go to your inventory, and place all of the items you bought into your shop. Do you remember the extra window you opened? If you go to the main shop menu, and use the shop wizard, you’ll be able to price all of your items at a good price. I usually like to put them about 100 NP below the lowest price you see there. MAKE SURE YOU’RE MAKING A PROFIT! I like to write down what I buy and for how much. That way, you can ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Now, they’ll sell. It never hurts to put a little advertisement up on the boards. That’ll make you’re items go faster. Wait a bit, and check in your shop till. I bet you’ll find a little surprise, in the form of cash .

There’s not much else to a shop. The only other thing I could mention is shop history. That tells you who bought what, and for how much. It only records sales over 1000 NP though. Also, there are blogs, which are nothing less than pictures you can put in your description, to make your shop look nice.

Well, that’s the end to this guide. This is my very first non-game guide, so I would really like some feedback. You can E-Mail me at [].

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