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Pets are a natural prescription to a happy and healthy life. They did not just become a part of our families but also a part of our life. We can easily share our secrets with them. They understand our pains and our sorrows. They save us from every second of boredom. Neopets news reports At least 2/3rd of the households in America own a pet which comprises 71 million households that provide shelter to an animal that either walks or swims or flies. The breeding of different varieties of dogs in Neopets daily neo zafara has given birth to different adorable varieties of pets that are too irresistible. It would be strange if the game makers didn’t take their inspiration from a subject that is so much loved by the people. The Neopet news online says Therefore the online virtual pet game came into existence. These virtual pet games ensure that you don’t miss having a pet wherever you are. Whether you own a pet or not, whether you like animals or not, these online virtual pet games that the Neopets news report about is the best way to pass your time. You can play with the furry animals, you can swim with them in the same pool, and you can even talk to them. Therefore these online virtual pet games are a must have in the wish list of any zoophiles.

Online Virtual Pet Games

Pets deserve our awe and all our love and attention. Neopets dailies neo zafara bring to you the best awe-inspiring online virtual pet games that you must try out if you don’t want to regret.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet: this game makes you take care of a tiny pet named Cthulhu where you will have to take care of everything from feeding it and raise it to adulthood. You can get it free from Google Play. It has five minigames and an 8-bit graphic style. Although the game is a bit slow you will still love the way it will make you pray to Cthulhu to keep it happy. This game is a very popular choice among players in almost any online casino in Samoa. Fans of captivating slot games should definitely try it.

      1. Bubbu: if you are an Ailurophile, this game is for you. Bubbu is an adorable cat that demands your attention every now and then. You can pat it, hit it, play with it, and feed it and what not. You can also take your cat on an adventure trip. This game gives you unlock levels to purchase food for bubbu.
      1. Duddu: unlike bubbu, duddu is a dog that needs to be fed, cleaned, patted and everything else that you would do to your pet. You can dress him up in fancy costumes and take him to other dog houses and much more stuff like that.
      1. Pug: in reality pugs are expensive but out of the way cute. In this virtual pet game, pugs are not expensive but equally cute.
        1. My Virtual Pet Dog: Pug Louie: another pug game where you can pet an adorable dog called Louie where you can feed him, caress him, bathe him and take him to other dog houses to have a nice time with other canines.
      1. My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game: Boo is around, a cute and tiny pet which can be fed, washed and can be put to sleep
        1. Wildagotchi: this one is the simplest game in the list of online virtual pet games. You get to choose among three pets that is a monkey, a wolf, and a panda. You can select the sex of the pet and name it as you wish. After you finish with all of them, you can unlock more pets.
          1. My Talking Tom: Tom is a cute cat that purrs, meows, talks, and even farts. It’s fun indulging into a conversation with the intelligent tom.
            1. Dog Simulator: you can choose among your favorite breeds of dogs Shiba, corgi, husky, collie, bulldog, greyhound and even a wolf or a giraffe. You have to complete tasks with them to unlock the next levels.
              1. Dragon Pet: you will love this cute dragon be your pet.

Virtual Online Casinos

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