NeoPets Employment Agency


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NeoPets Employment Agency

by Kailey

It’s not that hard to get a job in the Faerieland Employment Agency. All you need is some neopoints and a fast Internet connection.

The Basics
To get to the NeoPets Employment Agency just click on the explore button on the yellow left side bar. Then click Faerieland on the Neopia map. Click on Faerie city and on the middle right is the Employment Agency.

There are new jobs every ten minutes after the hour: :00, :10, :20, :30, :40, and :50.

Be careful of which jobs you accept. Some of them only give you 1 minute to do that job and some of them will cost you more neopoints than it awards you. I think the most jobs you can do in a day for a NeoPet is 5. This is what your status will look like.


Job Coupons
DON’T GO BUY JOB COUPONS FOR THE SUPER JOBS. IT ISN’T WORTH IT. The prize may be about 20-40k and you may think that’s a good deal, but the coupons themselves are much more expensive so it isn’t worth it. Unless if you want to spend a lot of neopoints on it though. So just stick to the basic jobs. If you use a job coupon it will go to the next level down. For example, the Red Job Coupon will turn into a Blue Job Coupon. If you use a green Job coupon, it’ll disappear. Here’s the job coupon ranking from lowest to highest:
Green Job Coupon

Blue Job Coupon

Red Job Coupon

Silver Job Coupon

Gold Job Coupon

Purple Job Coupon

Pink Job Coupon

Green Brightvale Job Coupon

Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon

Silver Brightvale Job Coupon

Gold Brightvale Job Coupon

This is an example of what a Super Job looks like.


Finishing the Job
Step 1: Getting Ready
Keep a window open to the NeoPets Employment Agency and another to the shop wizard. Click on the text box after what are you looking for? so all you’ll have to do is copy and paste the item in the text box. (Ctrl and C to copy, Ctrl and V to paste.) Then, change the °containing my phrase? part to identical to my phrase. See the example below.


Step 2: Timing
Now that NeoPets has that handy clock on the sidebar you can see exactly what time it is. New Basic Jobs are added every 10 minutes. (Example: 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30, 6:40, 6:50 etc.) So while you’re waiting you can play a quick game or work on perfecting your lookup. But keep an eye on the clock so when it’s about 1 minute until new Basic Jobs get added keep checking the clock until it’s about 30 seconds till the jobs get added.

Step 3: Applying for the job
Start refreshing 10 seconds before the Basic Jobs get added and keep refreshing until they appear. They only stay for about 30 seconds. Be very careful because some of the jobs only give you 1 minute to complete the job (but I’ve completed one job in 40 seconds it depends on the item, I had to get 4 Palm Fans for that one and they’re all 1 neopoint). Some of them ask for more than one of the item. Click on “Apply for this job” and don’t worry if you don’t make it the first time. Just hit the backspace button and click on another one. If you got the job it’ll say so. Example below.


Step 4: Completing the job
Copy the item name your NeoPet is suppose to get. Then click on the window with the shop wizard. Copy and paste the item into the text box. But be sure to remove the s if you need to get more than one of that item. Search it on the wizard and if you have more than a couple of minutes you can refresh it for a while and get a good deal on it too. Once you’ve got it in your inventory just click on the window with the NeoPets Employment Agency on it and click on the done part. You’ll get a bonus added to the base reward if you get the job done quickly. Here’s a screen shot.


Voila! See how easy it really is? I hope this guide has helped you. Good luck!!

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